Scifi shy guy with a snake growing on his neck.


It's an 80's scifi comedy about a guy in his 20s or highschool, he has problems with shyness so then somehow there is a snake growing from the neck or head or something that makes him do things and turns his life around basically.

I remember a scene with the main character is in his car trying to hide it by putting on a hat and that thing still flopping around in it. And there was like a showdown fight type of a thing going on in the end between the main character and his rival.. who was also young guy like him, who bullied him.

It's like "Brain Damage" but more of a comedy.

i was gonna say brain damage, so i don't know. sure it wasn't from his forhead? that's From Beyond. it's the pineal gland.
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Thanks for the reply guys, as I recall it was from his neck, from behind, and it was like an alien or something and I remember they could talk to each other.