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Of course you did, look at the title. It's a rubbish title, it wouldn't surprise me if it's a rubbish film. I've certainly had no desire to see it, simply because of the title.

I don't know how rauldc14 will feel about it, but I found that movie quite disappointing.
Me too... I had high hopes on it based on the trailer..
But Ryan Gosling did a good job.. I really liked him in Stay.
Many people hated that film.. but I liked it a lot.

Nice list

Here are a list of your movies, that I have seen & the ones in Bold I actually own as well.

Blood Diamond
I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
Pursuit of Happyness
Rain Man
Shrek 2

\m/ Fade To Black \m/
You have a very cool collection of dvds there mate
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N3wt's Movie Reviews New DVD Thread Top-100

Who doesn't?? In fact I have never even seen people discuss it.
Yeah that's what I was wondering. I looked for threads on the movie and found nothing. I think it's really good, one of my favorite older films.

Hah, The Birds. It's been 40 years since my mom has seen that, and she still gets freaked out by crows. So classic.

2 more new ones that I haven't yet seen:

Morning Glory (got this for obvious reasons)
The Outlaw Josey Wales, I haven't seen this one but come on its Eastwood, its got to be good.

Is white trash beautiful
Casino is a great movie, one of my favorite Scorsese movies.

It's come to that point in time where I'd appreciate some more suggestions, though particularly things that may be on the many lists that we have here. Thoughts?

i have spent alot of time making my dvd list...i buy only what i will watch at least 100 times before i get tired of it-in theary--

i own all the lord of the rings--i paid 15$ for the 1st and 2nd and i got the 3rd free...3 disk boxes..

spiderman 1&2
bourne box set
the first 2 pirates of the caribbean-2disk with slip cover both were under 10 bucks
elfen lied-anime
th girl who lept through time-anime
tekkonkinkreet--anime--very popular manga
howls moving castle
nightmare before christmas--waited 10+ years for it to become aval
edward scissor hads
sweeny todd
sleepy hollow
charlie and the chocolate factory-=of course jonny depp
planet of the apes--the newer one
9--the number not the word
blackmask--jet li
the one--jet li
forbiden kingdom
transporter 1,2,&3
crank 1&2
in the name of the king
the bank job
death race
bangkok dangerous--i only have the nic cage one...cant find the mongolin orginal
lord of war--paid 3 bucks for a directors cut collectors box set
weather man
kill bill vol 1&2
memors of a geshia
onbak the warrior
crouching tiger hidde dragon
kung fu hustle
the protector
drunken master
sukiyaki western django
shoot em' up
last legion
kingdom of heaven
knights tale
tristan and isole
chicago--its my mothers i just took it
moulin rouge--same thing
walk the line
romeo and juliet
the illusionst
king kong--the newer one
van helsing
underworld--awesome case and a mini comic book came with it
transformes 1&2
batman begins
sin city
hellboy 1&2
superman returns--2 disk with a mini comic book
dracula-bram strokers--had a coupon at bestbuy, paid 5 bucks
iron man 1&2
hulk-edward norton
dark knight
the spirit
ferris beulers day off
get shorty
office space
hitchikers guide to the galaxy
number 23
long kiss goodnite
permanent midnight
distrct 9

i have
the shooter
dewy cox
27 dresses
welcome home roscoe jenkins
the happening
love guru
quid pro quo
dont mess with the zohan
other crap on bootleg
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Have to watch Some Like it Hot I it

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