Avatar on DVD and Blu-ray in April


Avatar on DVD and Blu-ray in April

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal director James Cameron revealed the release date for Avatar on DVD and Blu-ray. Cameron said that we can expect the usual DVD and Blu-ray release in April, and then a 3D version will be released in November with all the special features, deleted and unfinished scenes.

“It’s all right on schedule,” said Cameron. “We’ll do the Blu-ray and the standard def DVD April 22nd, that’s our plan as of right now, and that’ll be pretty much bare bones. And then we’ll do a value-added DVD and a 3-D Blu-ray in I think November sometime.”
He also spoke about the DVD and Blu-ray release to MTV:

“The unfinished scenes look like a cheesy video game,” Cameron said. “They’re the performances — you can really see what the scenes would have been — but it doesn’t have that magical realism of the finished film.”

Among the deleted scenes will be footage focusing on the main group of Na’vi humanoids of Pandora, the introduction of other Na’vi clans, and the ritual hunt for a colorful creature called a Sturmbeest in which Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) takes part.

“It’s all wonderful stuff, but it was sort of bogging down the middle section of the movie,” Cameron told us back in December. “So there’s plenty for a value-added DVD experience on this film. Of course, we’ll have to go punch it all up and get it all mixed and stuff like that.”
By November Samsung, Panasonic and Sony should have home 3-D television systems available for purchase, along with 3D Blu-ray players, so if you’re wealthy and want to splash out on the latest tech then you’ll be able to see Avatar in all its 3D glory.

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Man, why can't they put any special features on the regular DVD?
It's kind of done usually with most releases anyway. They release a bare boned edition first and then down the line a kick ass, souped-up edition. What Cameron should just do is release the 3-D edition with special features only. But I'm sure people will come flock to the stores and buy the standard edition anyway.

Avatar Will Not Come Out in 3D Blu-ray in November

Yesterday it was reported that James Cameron's epic film Avatar would hit the Blu-ray shelves in 3D this November and now it seems that isn't quite the case. The Wall Street Journal updated its story from yesterday after being contacted by Fox Home Entertainment, and it seems that the 3D Blu-ray release of Avatar will not come out in November. Here's the updated portion of the article.

A spokesman for Fox Home Entertainment said on Thursday night that the "3-D is in the conceptual stage and Avatar will not be out on 3-D Blu-ray in November."

However, the studio didn't deny the reported April 22 release for the barebones DVD and Blu-ray. We'll be sure to keep you posted as soon as we have official word on this DVD and Blu-ray title.

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Fox Home Entertainment has announced DVD and Blu-ray releases of Avatar for the 22nd April. No extra material will be included on either release, and only the 2D version of the film will be included. Director James Cameron has confirmed that the 3D version will follow later in the year or early 2011. Package artwork for these initial releases below:

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Im so excited for this to come out on dvd as havent seen it yet, I bloody hate it when there is no specail features on the dvd editions.
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My wife has seen this and she is so hyped for the dvd release I havent seen it and I have forbiden her of saying anything about it to me at all Im so excited to see this movie

guys, what do u think about this film, 9 years after its release??