So what happened to Bitch Slap?


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I remember last year that a film named Bitch Slap was coming out and it looked real good but I have heard nothing on it for a long time, does anyone know if it is still going to be released?


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Some information:
All secrets are safe with this man, because none are as deadly to him as his own. His secret is that he is Richard Kimble. (The Fugitive - Conspiracy of Silence)

I couldn't find one, but I just have this feeling that it did. Maybe there was something similar? I just remember a film that had the look/sounded like it'd been made by committee to appeal to a cult audience.

I saw this at the Toronto festival last year, it was a pretty tame and predictable attempt at a cult movie, but the women (who were there) were hot, especially the 'sweet' one (Julia Voth?). Pretty bad movie, pretty good time.