MoFo Top 100 Movies, Part III

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Hey guys, I am glad to be able to take on this project of making the MovieForums Top 100 Movies list. I think it is a good idea to have one of these at least once a year because a lot of new members come in, more time to watch movies, changed opinions upon rewatches, etc. So this is going to be the third list collectively created by this site.

I have noticed a lot of new members who post a lot around here before the previous list was made, so I think there would be more participation and a more varied list. Hopefully, everybody will participate regardless of how many movies seen, or if they're unsure of rankings. The more lists the better!

And speaking of the lists, they should be your personal Top 25 movies ranked in order. I will give plenty of time for you to either PM or e-mail me the list and after about a month or even longer I will have them compiled to make the Top 100. So start working on/sending me the lists.

Again, thank you to Caitlyn and Harry Lime for letting me organize this.

I'll make a list... and help however I can...
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Again, thank you to Caitlyn and Harry Lime for letting me organize this.
Hey, I only suggested it would be cool if you did it, I have absolutely no authority on the matter. I'll probably be the first in with a list though.
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Yeah, well you supported the idea of me running this so you get a mention, so be happy about that. Also, you got beat by michaelcorleone.

Is this list thing still going on? I'd love to participate.
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I think WB was talking about at least a month, plus the time it takes to get everyone on board and chasing people up. My guess it that it'll be 5 or 6 weeks.

We're getting somewhere.

Anyway lists received so far:

Harry Lime

I'll try to get mine to you before too long. It's Oscar time and I'm pretty busy with movies and work. My list hasn't changed though so its just a matter of pasting in my top 25. I may even be able to find the pm I sent to Bobby awhile back, if I do you'll have it sooner rather than later.
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Thanks a lot, Caitlyn.

Lists received:

mark f
Harry Lime