Disney: A Christmas Carol review

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Under normal circumstances I love Disney. They make fun family cartoons, with good sound endings that teach people how to be better. This Christmas Disney came out with a beautiful CGI version of “A Christmas Carol”. By beautiful I mean horribly terrifying ghost story that frightens children. (sarcasm)

Oh my ever loving God was that movie scary. They did the right thing and stuck with the original Dickens story, but sacrificed any heart the movie had to offer.

The Good:

As always Disney has done an incredible job on the animation. The CGI was unbelievable with almost a 3d effect even thou it was in a 2d theater. The acting was fantastic with Jim Carrey leading the pack as Scrooge. The actors in this movie brought to life every character. The movie was very rich in content and was a great retelling of a story that’s been retold a thousand times.

The Bad:

This movie was not billed as a serious telling of Scrooge. From the commercials it was going to be fun light hearted telling of “A Christmas Carol” starring funny man Jim Carrey. What it turned out to be was a realistic horrifying tale of a man’s whose life was full of greed and given a chance for redemption through the coming of terrifying ghosts.

The first ghost, the ghost of Christmas past was a whispery little candle that was supposed to show Scrooge the happiness of his past, but instead made you feel like he’s sort of just rubbing it in Scrooge’s face that he has become a jerk.

The second ghost, the ghost of Christmas present was a scary Tourettes ridden ghost with a methodical laugh. The highlight of his contribution to the story was showing Scrooge how people talk well of him and then dying a harsh death by growing old but not before unleashing two malnourished children that turned into a killer and a prostitute.

The third ghost, the ghosts of Christmas present or as I like to call it THE GRIM REAPER had the least to contribute to the story. All he did was show Scrooge he was going to die and then after shrinking him chases him all over the city on carriage driven by two demon horses. Now I never read Dickens version of A Christmas Carol but I have never heard of that part. After all the scary ghosts you’re ready for the pay off. The big Scrooge has changed, and all is right with the world, right. Wrong.

All you get is Scrooge buying the big Goose and they don’t even tell you it’s going to the Cratchit’s. We are left with him slinking into his nephews house (not even full of joy) asking to come to dinner and then the next day giving Cratchit a raise the end. We are treated to Bob Cratchit telling us that Scrooge did help his family out, but after 11/2 of dreary story I wanted at least 5 solid minutes of cheer.

Disney really screwed the pooch on this one. I brought my 7 year old daughter Lil’ Chica there and all it did was to scare the poo out of her. I want to treat my daughter to fun Christmas movie and got a really cool looking realistic tale of man tortured by his demons and changing not for the good of his soul, but for the fear of dying alone. I do not recommend this movie if you’re looking for some holiday cheer.

On thing good about Disney is their Animation. They really good in developing a good animation. That's why every movie from disney is a must to be seen on the Big Screen.