Used Future's DVD Collection


Considering all the new additions I've decided to devote a thread to my dvd collection. I've photographed it in detail so you can hopefully make out all my titles. Notable absences include Master of the Flying Guillotine which is out on loan (something I don't generally do, but I got Savage Streets in return so it was worth it) and stuff yet to be delivered.

I'm going to break this down into several posts as there are quite a few pictures. Enjoy

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Last but not least...

So there you have it. I'll update this periodically with new stuff.

I'd love to get my hands on that Scorpion collection for a few hours so I could get some copies. I've only found one of those so far. Good stuff.
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Seriously, that's the sort of collection I dream of having one of these days. Quite fun to pick out which of those I own. Excellent work.
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Thanks for posting, really neat collection.

I barely have any DVD's but I hope to have a big collection like that someday.

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I would love to have a collection of such greatness as yours mate, nice one!
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This is mega, Matt. A great advert for non-alphabetised DVD collections as well.

Welcome to the human race...
Just like you have a great collection even with all the Drew Barrymore films?

This is a damn fine collection you got there. Do you have any Masters of Cinema or Second Run DVDs in your collection?
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Just like you have a great collection even with all the Drew Barrymore films?

Actually, considering some of the films I have, I think you're being very kind, Iro.

I wouldn't mind see The Bloodstained Shadow and I've always heard good things about Miracle Mile... But I'm not +repping The Shining. I didn't think too much of In Bruges either. It's ok, I know I'm in a minority of one there.