Lesbian Vampire Killers

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Lesbian Vampire Killers (Phil Claydon - 2009)

I'm reviewing this flick because I like to review movies that others scoff at. I put this movie in the latest poll because I'd actually read some pretty good things about it. Turns out the stuff I read was true. This is a lower budget version (with vampires) of Shaun of the Dead. Those of you that really enjoy that movie (like myself) should get some light chuckles and several deep belly laughs out of this finely written and pretty well acted movie. I'm not a Brit but if you are you may even recognize a few of the actors. I didn't but that doesn't really mean anything.

Sure, it is a blatant rip off of Shaun, but as far as ripoffs goes its pretty well done. If you're going to rip something off, rip off something good and then in turn don't change what worked the first time and you'll have something. You may only have a low budget movie that most will scoff at but its still fun to watch. And if enough of the right people see it then you have yourself a little buzz. I'm buzzing. Now, I don't mean they ripped off the entire Shaun movie. Mostly I mean the comedy duo idea. And really didn't Shaun also steal that idea? Maybe? Just a little? Yeah, probably.

With a title like Lesbian Vampire Killers one might think that all you're going to see is a bunch of T&A and there is a small amount of it but actually there's not nearly as much as I was expecting. Frankly, the movie didn't need it. The rapid fire one liners and the great soundtrack keep this underrated gem moving right along. What happens is, some movies just get publicized to the wrong crowds and then they don't know what to do with it afterwords. Probably due to a lack of funds. What this movie is, is a camp horror film. Funny horror, with a stress on the funny. There's a few scenes with a bit of gross out potential but even most of those are disrupted by some very well timed one liners. I was impressed at how well each of the jokes worked. there was really only 2 or 3 that fell flat for me and that's surprising to me. So, if you enjoy campy horror, which you know I do then give this a spin. Its not even R-rated enough to have to worry about the kids seeing it. So enjoy!
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I avoided this one mainly because not a fan of the two leads TV work but watched this the other night and was quite surprised how entertaining it actually was. Very basic flick but works in avery camp way, even if Steve Coogan did do exactly the same thing a few years back

Scoff scoff scoff

Avoided it for the same reason as PT. I had a feeling you'd like it though PW; it looks right in your wheelhouse as you'd say. Thanks for the write up.