Edge of Darkness


Edge of Darkness

Release Date: January 29, 2010
Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures
Director: Martin Campbell
Screenwriter: William Monahan, Andrew Bovell
Starring: Mel Gibson, Ray Winstone, Danny Huston, Shawn Roberts, Bojana Novakovic, Frank Grillo, Gbenga Akinnagbe
Official Website: Edge-of-Darkness.com

Official Synopsis:

"Edge of Darkness" centers on a veteran cop (Gibson) whose only grown-up child (Novakovic) is murdered on the steps of his home. The cop unearths his daughter's secret life and discovers a world of corporate cover-ups and government collusion. Huston takes on the role of a shady businessman while Roberts will play the role of the daughter's distraught boyfriend.


Gee, that's some exciting input

But yeah, I think this looks kind of interesting. Gibson hasn't been in a good movie since 2002.
I have to ask to which film you're refering? When We Were Soldiers or Signs?

Personally, I haven't seen him in anything I liked since The Man Without A Face.

I have to ask to which film you're refering? When We Were Soldiers or Signs?
Signs, it's the last film he made in 2002. After that he had an uncredited role in Paparazzi in 2004, and then was in 3 episodes of some TV show called "Complete Savages" 2004-2005.

After Edge of Darkness (which is post production), hs's got three other films coming up. The Beaver (filming as we speak with a 2011 release date), Under and Alone (2010) and The Drowner (2011)

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This looks awesome!
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I have no evidence of this. Back in the '80's when I first watched this magnificent mini-series, I heard the following story...

Steven Spielberg saw the first two hours/episodes on Public TV. Rang the station, found out that they didn't have the other reels yet and so had the remaining reels immediately flown out from the UK.

Anyway, that's not so hard to believe.

A haunting, melancholy sound-track and brilliant Clapton guitar, great acting and such a fascinating plot. Three hours in and you're still wondering what it's all about. An incredible last hour.

The best made-for-TV I have ever seen; in a walk.

That's probably just because of the marketing materials. They're close enough together that I doubt it was written after Taken was released, and from what I understand there's a lot of details in the film that aren't really conveyed in the trailer -- which is probably a good thing, if you ask me, given the unfortunate trend in the other direction.

Let's not be too quick to judge. This isn't the Wayans Bros. doing Kidnapped Movie, it's Mel Gibson. I don't think this is some banged-out knock-off script.

I like serious movies . And i think "Edge of darkness" it is also a serious movie. The trailer is not opening in my browser but i will watch.