Swiss detain Roman Polanski


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Looks like Swiss authorities have detained Polanski for extradition to the US. After all these years, how do you feel about this?

ZURICH – The Swiss Justice Ministry says director Roman Polanski is being held by Swiss authorities ahead of his possible extradition to the United States for having sex in 1977 with a 13-year-old girl.
The ministry says in a statement that Polanski was arrested Saturday upon arriving in Zurich. It says U.S. authorities have sought Polanski's arrest around the world since 2005.
The 76-year-old was flying in to receive an award at the Zurich Film Festival.

I think its total bullsh*t and the United States should be ashamed of itself. If this is supposed to be about the victims (which it isn't) then this should have long been forgotten. Instead, we'll most likely have yet another media circus.
We are both the source of the problem and the solution, yet we do not see ourselves in this light...

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Being rich and a celebrity is a two pronged skewer. The rich can often buy their way out of trouble, but the powers that be love to make an example of celebrities. It's like going bear hunting. The bigger the bear the better the trophy, but if nobody sees your trophy what's the point? Catch a celebrated bear and everyone is going to see your trophy.
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The fact remains he raped a thirteen year old girl, and has has admitted it. Regardless of how long ago it was I don't think something that serious can be ignored. I know he already served some (hardly any actually) time for the offense, and his victim just wants closure. But I don't think we should let the fact he's a celebrated filmmaker obscure the truth. Here's a wealthy convicted child rapist that jumped bail and fled the US. I bet lots of people are quick to have a go at Woody Allen, a man who was never convicted of anything. Yet because Polanski also made a few great films he's supposed to be untouchable. Nonsense.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of Polanski's films and think that if this situation can be resolved sensibly then it might actually work out in his favour. I mean it'll sure be a load off for him. I also think the man should be made accountable for his actions and take some responsibility.

UF, you need to see: Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired. His "trial" was a joke. And his victim has gone on record publicly stating that she wants this to be over. Which it was until 2005 apparently, when someone inside the states decided to drag it up out of the depths again.

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Woah, i learnt about Roman Polanski and his crazy past only a few weeks ago, so it's pretty weird that like after years of avoding the US that all of a sudden he gets caught.
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I think its total bullsh*t and the United States should be ashamed of itself. If this is supposed to be about the victims (which it isn't) then this should have long been forgotten. Instead, we'll most likely have yet another media circus.
What the United States should be ashamed of is the fact that they didn't drag his ass back before now to face the consequences of his actions… the man drugged, raped, and sodomized a 13 year old girl and then after he was tried and found guilty, fled the country to avoid going to jail for a few weeks… and while he was off bragging about the fact he was smarter than the US authorities… and making statements that he preferred very young girls… and making another movie for your enjoyment… his victim was going through years of therapy… and, if memory serves, she also had to have surgery to correct some of the damage he inflicted to her rectum… but yeah, let's just forget all that and hang our heads in shame because someone has finally decided on the side of justice in this case…
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Uh, no he didn't. He did in fact go to jail. The crooked judge then later changed his mind and was trying to give even more time after already agreeing to a plea bargain. In what even the prosecuting attorney called: "A probation case."

I tend to think that a crime's a crime, and whether or not his trial was fair or not, I don't know of anyone -- even his supporters -- who thinks this didn't actually happen. If it did, what argument is there, really? He committed a fairly heinous crime, ran from the law by hiding halfway across the world, and should be punished for it somehow. I don't think this should change just because he managed to wait it out somewhere else for a few decades. That only encourages people to go on the LAM all the more, really.

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Yea, I wasn't sure how I felt about this. He never did take responsibility and you can't just run away.

I'm surprised, too, that the Swiss detained him. I, too, thought they wouldn't get involved in something like this.

I wonder what the US will do?

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I forgot to add that I think Polanski should get a new trial where I guess he would have to plead not guilty even if he had plead guilty before. I wonder if that is how it will play out. I get the feeling he deserves a new trial and if the victim won't testify, what would happen then?

There was a documentary where the prosecutor stated that he didn't blame Polanski for running. While he committed a crime, it wasn't fair what happened to him and I also think that is important.

For all of you people that keep saying he "ran from the law" you really need to look into the whole thing a little deeper.

He DID NOT run from the law. He did in fact go through the entire legal process. It wasn't until the very end of the case when he and his attorney realized that he was going to be "made an example of" did he leave the country.

I strongly urge you all to see Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired. There is a lot more to this case than simply. "Oh that's the dude that fled the country yeah?"

I understand that he didn't just up and run as soon as he was charged. I just don't make a big distinction between going on the lam right away, and waiting until he sees that he's going to be prosecuted before doing so. It's running from the law either way, isn't it?

I strongly urge you all to see Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired. There is a lot more to this case than simply.
Spot on. That was an excellent look at the case.

Bottom line...One 13 (going on 21 and no mistake) girl was pushed and shoved and manipulated by others and on one fateful day she ended up in the house of a seriously disturbed and emotionally devastated man and something nasty happened.

Polanski admitted what he did went along with what the justice system told him to go along with and was lied to about promised outcomes.
Then he fled.

I have no love for Polanski.
He should have been punished (with all the circumstances taken into the girl was herself one very sad and messed up character with a sexuality years ahead of her years that had already been used by others) but he should not have been treated as some trophy celeb case and tricked by a supposed justice system.

I agree that Polanski simply BEING Polanski should make no difference. I have no time for these poncy ****s who go on about how he is a genius, so should be cut some slack!
No...He gets punished.
But punished fairly and openly and yes, with things taken into account at the time (messed up all round).

At least now this tragedy can hopefully be ended some way. Back to Prison for Polanski for a short term. Psychiatric evaluation. Then back on with life...For everyone.

Kenny, don't paint your sister.
He was a grown man who had sexual relations with a thirteen-year-old girl. Bottom-line. He knew the consequences of his actions, and he needs to pay for them fully.
Faith doesn't make things easy, just possible.

He was a grown man who had sexual relations with a thirteen-year-old girl. Bottom-line. He knew the consequences of his actions, and he needs to pay for them fully.
Yes, but those of you taking this emotional and moral view of the incident are ignoring the CASE and the LAW of what happened. As has already been suggested, watch the excellent documentary Wanted & Desired. Nobody is saying what he did was nothing or less than vile, but the leaving the United States, the longstanding "fugitive" status and now this detainment and possible extradition are NOT about the vile act in and of itself, they are about the various legal elements which, if you watch that very revealing documentary, are FAR beyond reproach. When the State Prosecutor who handled the case goes on camera and confesses that if he were in Polanski's shoes having witnessed all of the improper, irrational and unfair ways the media-hungry Judge was handling the case, if that Prosecutor says he would have left the country too...legally you can see, it's a damn mess.

If you want to shun the man, boycott his films, write a letter to your local paper, etc. because of the rape, absolutely, more power to you. But if you're going to cheer a series of improper legal maneuvers just because you don't like the, that ain't cool. This "needs to pay for them fully" kind of stuff is about your moral outrage and shouldn't have anything to do with the law, which is what the detainment and extradition are. And as the doc points out, you must remember this was 1977 California Law and Statutes. All of those well-versed in the California legal code circa '77 who have read all the evidence and testimony of the trial and who can render a legal opinion, please step forward. All of those who think a man who had sex with a young teenage girl is a scumbag, what does that have to do with these legal matters?

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I think most people don't know all the details about the legal matters and that's why people react to this story the way they do. He still left the country rather than go to jail. People that have seen the documentary or read about it realize that it's not so cut and dry.


I think it's good he's coming back. This all needs to be resolved for everyone's sake -- Roman's, the legal system, and the victim. There needs to be closure on this once and for all.