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Kenny, don't paint your sister.
Okay guys, I've been wanting to do this for a long time, and I've finally got a list that I'm content with. Now, I haven't been watching movies that long and I'm fairly young so this list is a little "temporary". I've tried to maintain some variety, but it's a personal list of my favorites. There are still SO many films that I want/need to see, but as of right now (2009) here is the Top 100.

"This is Jason Bourne, the toughest target that you have ever tracked. He is really good at staying alive, and trying to kill him and failing... just pisses him off."

100. The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)
The Bourne series only improves with age. This is easily my favorite. The thing about the Bourne series is that it's original. Matt Damon is perfect as Jason, and there's always plenty of excitment and action.

"You bought a used lion?"

99. Secondhand Lions (2003)
I saw this when it came out in theaters and really liked it. The cast is great, and it's such a wonderful story. It just sort of seems like the perfect film to capture the fun and mystery of childhood.

"I have never put on pantyhose, but it sounds very dangerous"

98. The Princess Diaries (2001)
Having been a clumsy teenager, I find myself having a lot in common with Mia, and I think that's why I enjoy this movie (and its sequel so much). Anne Hathaway is charming and Julie Andrews is perfect as her grandma. There's plenty of comedy but some good, old-fashioned Disney magic as well.

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Good to finally see a Top 100 list coming from you, Classic. This is going to be an interesting read.
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Kenny, don't paint your sister.
"Operator, get me Washington

97. Spy Hard (1996)
It's one of my favorite spoofs. Whether you prefer wit or just straight up goofs, this movie can make you laugh. Some much of the comedy is in the action, and you can repeat the watchings for more laughs usually. I'm not saying it's film gold or anything, I just had a lot of fun watching this one.

"When I was a kid, we all wore our hats backwards. We thought it was cool."

96. The Postman (1997)
While we all have mixed feelings about Costner here, I really enjoy a lot of his performances. I think this is one of his best, and this is a very enjoyable film. It's an original story line and good script. Not to mention, Will Patton is amazing as an insane villain.

"The jail's only got one cell, and the lock's broke and I sleep in it."

95. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
A western with James Stewart and John Wayne, just can't go wrong. The two are flawless as two of the most interesting characters, in my opinion. It's a great who-dun-it as well. All that added together with a good screenplay and it's a classic!

Kenny, don't paint your sister.
"Get all the good you can out of seventeen 'cause it sure wears out in one hell of a hurry."

94. Hud (1963)
One of Paul Newman's first great film roles. It's been quite awhile since I've seen it, but I just remember it being one of those really good films about people. There are so many people out there in life that you want to like despite the bad things you see them do. Hud is one of those characters.

"Why, you wolf!"

93. Eyes in the Night (1942)
I am not big on film noir, but this one is one of my few favorites. The acting is really good but there aren't many memorable lines. Very suspenseful and it keeps one guessing. The plot and storyline are very entertaining.

"If they told you wolverines would make good house pets, would you believe them?"

92. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (1987)
One of the most hilarious on-the-road flicks. John Candy and Steve Martin are perfect as two of the most annoying but lovable characters. Quite a few of comedy's arguably best scenes are in this movie. Just a fun buddy flick.

"I don't trust happiness. I never did, I never will."

91. Tender Mercies (1983)
A drama that goes to the heart if you enjoy it. It's one of the few in the country-western song type category (I'm not exactly sure how I wanted to word that). Robert Duvall gives, in my opinion, one of his best performances.

"Somebody down there knows how to drive a train. You don't pick that up watching Sesame Street."

90. The Taking of Pelham One, Two, Three (1974)
The first of quite a few Walter Matthau movies on this list. This movie is deliciously 70s though, but that's part of the fun of watching it. Even though there is little action in Pelham it's very suspenseful. Robert Shaw is the sort of villain you don't want to bump into, and one of the most original conclusions I think.

A good start Queenie some classics there keep them coming
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Nice start.... I'll add you to the MoFo Top 100 list when you're finished... if I forget, just give me a nudge, I forget once in a while... and if I need to add anyone else, just let me know...
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Kenny, don't paint your sister.
"Are you saying you'll flunk us if we don't change the world?"

89. Pay It Forward (2000)
This is one movie that inspired me. It's such a wonderful and deep story. The cast is spectacular, and the message of this film is such a great one. It's been too long since I've seen it, but I remember watching it with a big group of people. Everyone really got into it. If only everyone could follow this concept.

"Ted Nugent called, he wants his shirt back"

88. Ocean's Series (2001, 2004, 2007)
The first is by far the best the best of the series, but I enjoyed the whole series. I still need to see the Rat Pack original though. The star-studded cast has such great chemisty. The script always impressed me with its witty dialouge. One of my favorite heists.

"Colin's not a blind man as long as he's with me. And he's going with me!"

87. The Great Escape (1963)
My favorite war movies are usually those from WW2, and this is just one of them. It's a long film, but it has just enough going on to keep you watching up until the exciting ending. It's another cast which includes quite a lot of big name stars. These include a favorite actor mine, James Garner. It's one his best and most well-known performances.

"I think I figured out where we are. In a Clint Eastwood movie."

86. The Odd Couple 2 (1998)
The last movie from probably my favorite comedic team. Nobody had better chemistry. The story of Oscar and Felix picks up long after it left off, but the characters haven't changed. It's a hilarious buddy/on the road flick. While it couldn't tie the original, it holds up very well with loads of laughs.

"Can't you ask nothin' but questions?"

85. Shane (1953)
Shane is definately a true western. There are plenty of memorable little moments that just seem to stick with me. The acting couldn't be better with the great characters. It's the final film of my favorite screen actress, Jean Arthur. I've only seen this once, but I really need to see again.

Kenny, don't paint your sister.
"Your Mom calls the vacuum cleaner "jaws"?"

84. Mr. Mom

tied with

"Are you all right? You seem a little... nice."

84. Curly Sue

I really wanted to find room for both these Hughes films. Mr. Mom is simply hilarious and I do think Keaton's at the top of his game. Just a really funny flick with great writing. Curly Sue I think is a bit more meaningful. The pair of Jim Belushi and this little girl works perfectly. I watched it when I was younger and have fond memories of that as well.

I can't add as much now as I hoped to. More later

Kenny, don't paint your sister.
Well, I promised more and it's taken me long enough to get to it, so...

"Thank you for bringing me here and making a wife, and a mother and WHY DID YOU DO THAT?"

83. Overboard (1987)
Overboard is just a lot of fun and laughs. Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn have great chemistry with a very funny storyline. One that can be watched repeatedly and lots of fun to view with others. Looked for this movie for years and couldn't find it until it came on television once. Turns out my sister owned it.

"A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others."

82. The Wizard of Oz (1939)
One of the first classic movies I ever saw. I think this movie is special to most everyone in some way. The unforgettable characters make watching this film over and over again a real treat. This might be the most referenced film in American history. Everybody has heard of the Wizard of Oz and with good reason. One of the greatest fantasy films.

81. My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys (1991)
This movie is so forgotten that it doesn't have a memorable quotes page on imdb, can't be found on Netflix, and turns up about three to four actual Google image results. It's a shame because I remember loving this film. While the storyline isn't exactly original, the cast is lead by Scott Glenn and Kate Capshaw, who turn in really good performances. Maybe I have a sentimental connection to this movie, but I still reccomend it.

Kenny, don't paint your sister.
"Y'all can't walk no line!"

80. Walk the Line (2005)
Being a classic country music fan, I adore the music throughout the great film. Phoenix and Witherspoon give wonderful performances in both acting and singing. A fascinating life story told with good dialouge. It's fun to see the appearances of some great early rockers as well: Jerry Lee, Elvis, etc.

"Well, I had enough. So I said when."

79. Regarding Henry (1991)
This is one of Harrison Ford's top performances. Truly a drama, but it can make you laugh in places. For example, Henry's love of Ritz crackers or his child-like tendencies. The way Henry looks at life after his accident is inspiring and actually touching. J.J. Abrams did a really good job writing this one.

"Mafia money. All I wanted was a small take, in and out quick, no big deal."

78. Charley Varrick (1973)
A lesser known thriller it seems, Charley Varrick is pure tension. Matthau does very well as the title character and bank robber. The rest of the cast, including a nice performance from Jo Don Baker, follows suit. It's not particularly remembered for dialouge, but I was filled with suspense. Plus, there's a fun amount of 70s cheese thrown in.

"My life didn't turn out the way I expected."

77. The Natural (1984)
One of the best sentimental sports dramas. Robert Redford is perfect as Roy Hobbs, a baseball player with a magic bat. A screenplay with some great lines and very good storyline. A romantic story woven into it as well. Although, this movie might be about half its length if you took out all the slow motion.

"Wouldn't it be hilarious if it turned out you actually knew what you were doing?"

76. Mirage (1965)
A first-rate mystery. Gregory Peck is great in the lead role, and Matthau is quite funny in one of his early supporting roles. It's loads of entertainment to watch it all come together.

Kenny, don't paint your sister.
"What kind of candle is zis?"

75. The Pink Panther (1963)
Peter Sellers gave us one of film's most memorable characters and this starts off one of the greatest comedy series. A blend of mystery and hilarity with a great cast. Definately one I need to see again soon. The remake can't hold a candle to this classic. Not to mention, one of my favorite composers, Henry Mancini, created a great theme song.

"Do me a favor. Put your lip over your head... and swallow."

74. Grumpy Old Men (1993)
A movie perfect for the pair! Matthau and Lemmon are the usual at-odds best friends. It's hilarious to hear their cracks and insults to one another, and their chemistry is right at home here. Not-to-mention the addition of the always beautiful Ann Margret. It also spawned a pretty good sequel.

"Men are gonna get killed here today, Sue, and I'm gonna kill 'em."

73. Open Range (2003)
I didn't think this one would make it quite so far up on the list, but I realized its a favorite western of mine. I was absolutely absorbed in the shootout scene. Costner and Duvall had great chemistry too. The screenplay as good as well, but as with a lot of westerns, the plot is pretty familar.

"Hitler's here.
-I can't see him now. I'm dressing"

72. Once Upon a Honeymoon (1942)
The is very little known film that's a favorite of mine when it comes to Grant. Ginger Rogers also is a highlight. It's a great World War 2 film too, looking into the people involved in the war and even taking place in a concentration camp. This one beautifully transitions from comedy to drama with romance too. Actually, I even have a scene memorized.

"Well I just don't feel like buying any more networks this year. There's never anything good on."

71. Sabrina (1995)
Though I have yet to see the original, I love the remake. While I laughed throughout this one, it always makes me think in some way. The change Sabrina undergoes and then Linus always seems to strike me. The whole cast is very well, and its kinda fun to see Harrison Ford in his professor look. I love David and Linus' relationship too. It reminds me of my younger sister and me.

Kenny, don't paint your sister.
Now, it's getting good.

"Didn't you know your daddy's the best shot in this county?"

70. To Kill a Mockingbird (1963)
One of the greatest courtroom dramas ever. Gregory Peck was born to play one of our favorite heroes, Atticus Finch. A story that tells a lot about childhood, but then it shows many complex adult concepts as well. A suspenseful climax and resolution that I found pretty touching. Definately one every movie buff should have on their list.

"I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me me. "

69. Oh, God! (1977)
Faith is very important to me, so that is probably a factor in why I love this film. George Burns and John Denver are perfectly cast here and give great performances. The storyline and script are terrific too. Plenty of laughs along with a great message. I even liked the second one will the little girl that isn't seen too often.

"People here are funny. They work so hard at living they forget how to live."

68. Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936)
Loaded with Capra charm, Mr. Deeds especially provides us with some wonderful characters. Gary Cooper was terrific as the shy Deeds. Jean Arthur not only looks beautiful in this film, but she gives a beautiful performance. I saw the Sandler remake first surprisely, which I liked well enough. But as usual the original cannot be beat.

"I can't cross here. You said the main road. This is Niagra Falls."

67. It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963)
The second film in this set from 1963 is a hilarious gem. While it's a very long movie, it doesn't quite drag. Between the slew of characters there's always tons going on. That's what I liked so much about this movie. I have personally fond memories of watching this film as well. One Spencer Tracy's best I believe. The rest of the actors are splendid too.

"Hot in here, or am I just scared to death?"

66. Die Hard with a Vengence (1995)
I am huge fan of the series, and this one is definately the second best just under the original. John McClane is back and with a new partner, Zeus (Samuel L. Jackson). I thought Jackson was a terrific addition to the series and he and Bruce work great together. Although the plot line of a bad guy playing a game with the good guy isn't terribly original, it works well here. Of course, overloading with action and sharp wit.

Banned from Hollywood.
nice list Queenie, great choices..keep them coming. nice to see Charley Varrick in there