Spikez's DVD collection!


Manolo, Shoot That Piece Of Sh*t!

  1. Children of the corn 1
  2. Children of the corn 2
  3. Children of the corn 3
  4. Children of the corn: The gathering
  5. Children of the corn: Fields of Terror
  6. Children of the corn: Isaac's return
  7. Children of the corn: Revelation
  8. Saving Private Ryan
  9. Unleashed
  10. The Spongebob Movie
  11. The Dark Knight (Steelbook 2 disc special edition)
  12. 30 days of night
  13. Battle Royale 1
  14. Battle Royale 2
  15. Dead or alive 1
  16. Dead or alive 2
  17. Toy Story 1
  18. Toy Story 2
  19. Kill Bill 1
  20. Kill Bill 2
  21. The Simpsons Movie
  22. Bee Movie
  23. White noise
  24. Desperate Measures
  25. Outrage
  26. The Shawshank Redemption
  27. Godsend
  28. Needful Things
  29. Spiderman - The ultimate villain showdown
  30. Guilty by association
  31. 300
  32. Night at the museum
  33. American History X
  34. Alligator
  35. Raptor
  36. Sabertooth
  37. Jack
  38. The Prestige
  39. Jimmy Neutron Movie
  40. The Librarian 1
  41. The Librarian 2
  42. Scent Of A Woman
  43. Sea Of Love
  44. Carlito's Way
  45. Scarface
  46. Rocky 1
  47. Rocky 2
  48. Rocky 3
  49. Rocky 4
  50. Rocky 5
  51. Rocky 6
  52. Rocky Balboa
  53. Reservoir Dogs
  54. Donnie Brasco
  55. Arahan
  56. Hooligan Box
  57. Graveyard Shift
  58. Stander
  59. Raymond Graham
  60. Cloverfield
  61. Lord of war
  62. H20 Halloween
  63. Quicksilver Highway
  64. Drowning Mona
  65. Trucks
  66. Captivity
  67. Immortals
  68. The old man and the sea
  69. Below
  70. Operation Valkyrie (not the new one)
  71. Cabin Fever
  72. New Police Story
  73. Saw
  74. Fist of fear, Touch of death
  75. The Langoliers
  76. Frailty
  77. Man Of The Year
  78. The Dish
  79. The Count of Monte Christo
  80. Queen Kong
  81. 16 Blocks
  82. The Night Flier
  83. Se7en

TV Shows:

  1. Friends Season 1-10
  2. King of the hill season 2 + 4
  3. House MD season 1 + 3
  4. Happy Tree Friends DVD collection

Will update frequently.

I know it's not impressive, but hey, it's not like I have a lot of money to buy a lot of fancy DVD's

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Spikez's DVD Collection

Last Movie Seen: The Breakfast Club

There's some damn good films there, Spikez.

I particularly like:

Battle Royale
The Simpsons Movie
The Shawshank Redemption
Needful Things
American History X
Sea Of Love
Carlito's Way
Reservoir Dogs
Donnie Brasco
Cabin Fever
The Dish

Manolo, Shoot That Piece Of Sh*t!
I have 'The Dish' in my collection for a really long time, but I haven't seen it yet lately I have a hard time getting myself to watch a movie, always busy with work and friends...

Yup, I have a social life now..

Manolo, Shoot That Piece Of Sh*t!
I'll watch it as soon as I have my new pc in my room, I am saving all my movies until I can watch 'em on my 22" screen I ave a large TV in the living room, but I prefer the pc cause I don't have to wea glasses then

Not bad... you have a few listed I haven't seen yet but of the ones I have... my favorites are:

Saving Private Ryan
The Dark Knight
Toy Story 1
Toy Story 2
Kill Bill 1
Kill Bill 2
The Simpsons Movie
The Shawshank Redemption
Night at the museum
American History X
The Prestige
Scent Of A Woman
Carlito's Way
Rocky 1
Rocky 2
Rocky 3
Reservoir Dogs
Donnie Brasco
The Count of Monte Christo
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AiSv Nv wa do hi ya do...
(Walk in Peace)

I hate watching stuff on my pc. I used to download episodes of Neighbours but, in the end, just couldn't do it any more and decided to just watch them at UK pace so I could watch them on the 'proper' tv..

Manolo, Shoot That Piece Of Sh*t!
honey, if you download stuff, just burn it on a dataCD / DVD and watch it on the TV, I do that too, but since I am 16 and live in a house with my parents and brother, I prefer watching movies in my room than with the whole family, I can never concentrate here.