The Red Shoes


Has anybody seen it? I watched the last half hour and bit of the beginning but was captured
You cannot have it both ways. A dancer who relies upon the doubtful comforts of human love can never be a great dancer. Never. (The Red Shoes, 1948)

I've seen about 15 minutes when it was on TV one morning a few weeks ago. Which wasn't long enough to make an adequate assumption about.

I hear Scorsese holds it in high esteem.

Bright light. Bright light. Uh oh.
Of course, many of us have seen it several times. It's probably the epitome of cinematic dance, especially the "Red Shoes" number. Here it is in its entirety. You macho guys, go ahead and watch it. It's got enough fantasy and surrealism to blow you away too. Moira Shearer is a Goddess.

It's what you learn after you know it all that counts. - John Wooden
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Bright light. Bright light. Uh oh.
OK, so looks apparently aren't everything unless you're Drew (and give you an itch). I don't get how you cannot finish watching the film though. What's the impediment? A fever dream melodrama where art overcomes and becomes life itself holds no interest for you? Twenty-two-year-old Moira Shearer doesn't cut it for you here, but she and Powell are much better in Peeping Tom which also has a similar theme of art vs. life? No biggie. These are serious but entirely friendly questions.

...What's the impediment? A fever dream melodrama where art overcomes and becomes life itself holds no interest for you?
I guess not. Not this one, anyway. I wish that I had a better answer for you. I just don't engage with this film. It annoys me. As for Moira Shearer, she's never 'done it' for me. She's a redhead, so that's a plus, but she's not someone who I find attractive. Nice looking, pretty but not for me.

Next time I get the chance, I'll try to watch it again. Hopefully, that way, I'll be able to give you a better answer as to what it is that I don't like about it. Or, maybe, I'll be able to watch it. Who knows.

"A film is a putrified fountain of thought"
I watched this about a month ago. I agree with mark that the "Red Shoes" number was absolutely fantastic, and overall I'd say that I liked the film. However, I do think that it can get a bit dry at times(especially the beginning) so I can see why people would find it hard to get into. But honeykid, if you cant bring yourself to watch the whole movie, at least try to get through the dance. Actually I think the performance itslef conveys the messages behind the film in a much more graceful and emotional way than the overall movie.

Bright light. Bright light. Uh oh.
Are you remembering the actual beginning where all the young people show up at the concert just as if they were going to a rock concert? There's some very stylish direction and visuals during the opening concert. Then again, the young composer is dashed when he learns that his professor stole his composition. I don't want to forget about the opening credits either because they're some of the most beautiful ever. Too bad there's no video of them.

"A film is a putrified fountain of thought"
I actually do remember taking note of how awesome the credits were, but I just dont remember that much really going on until the conflict between Craster and Lermontov arose.

I'm going to be seeing this in the next week or so. I want to know what all the hub bub is about. Dancing is really all I needed to know though, I love movies with the dancing.
We are both the source of the problem and the solution, yet we do not see ourselves in this light...

I want to be a director and can fully understand the obsession with art. Anybody in a 'business' or who wants to be in one, concerning the arts, will understand the melodrama. I guess if you don't or aren't, then it's less of an impact.

No conflict? You have the ultimate conflict- art vs. love!

What do you think Lermontov's feelings for Vicky are?

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Here are Lermontov's feelings for Vicky.

'When we first met ... you asked me a question to which I gave a stupid answer, you asked me whether I wanted to live and I said "Yes". Actually, Miss Page, I want more, much more. I want to create, to make something big out of something little – to make a great dancer out of you. But first, I must ask you the same question, what do you want from life? To live?'
He sees her as the raw material necessary for his work. Whether that is sexual or romantic for him, we don't know as it is Vicky's feelings that are the movie's concern. Certainly, Lermontov, though cold, has what it takes to seduce Vicky if he wishes to do so.

I think art vs. love is a false dichotomy. Art vs. traditional family life, art vs. motherhood, art vs. taking care of a man these are real dilemmas; but many times art has been the method by which a woman has taken care of her family. It is her profession and as such may demand time which her family and her man believe rightfully belong to them.

This movie reminds me of other movies that present this alleged dichotomy. The Phantom of the Opera (the musical) and The Double Life of Veronique come to mind, also John Updike's novel, Seek My Face. Of course these are all written by men so may be a trifle biased. if you want to read about female artists and how they ordered or dealt with the chaos, children and men in their lives, why not seek out the memoirs and biographies of women you admire.
Louise Vale first woman to play Jane Eyre in the flickers.

Maybe art vs. a normal life. There's a difference between dancing as a job and wanting to be a great dancer. Art is such a killer competitive field and demands a lot of sacrifice. Although she loves Julian, he doesn't understand why she wants to dance.