Hilarious Gladiator Easter Egg


I finally found the easter egg for Gladiator and it's got to be the funniest thing I've seen in ages.

On the second disc, the special feature one, go to the second page of the Trailers and TV Spots menu. Then use the Left Arrow button on your remote to highlight the amulet around Caesar's neck. Press enter and you'll see a classic Chicken Run trailer that is in the Gladiator theme including music. I found this at work today and laughed for an hour. I've gotta say that this egg alone would be worth the purchase of the film. Happy Hunting!!
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Lemme guess: it's like the "Chicken Run" preview that emulated Mission Impossible 2? "CR:1" - that was hillarious! Man oh man do I need to get myself a DVD player!

LOL Yeah it's pretty close to MI2. This one starts like Gladiator starts...

The General who became a Slave who became a Gladiator. =

The Chicken who hatched a plan who met a Rooster who helped them to freedom.

LOL or something like that. Classic.

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I've seen that before. As a trailer for something else.
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Mission Impossible 2, The Patriot and Perfect Storm all had similiar reviews. Too bad they didn't use them as eggs on the DVDs.