Movie help? insane asylum?


okay i just remember seeing a single part of this movie when i was like 6 (18 now!) but yeah the only part i remember is that theirs two people and they keep talking about "the blue room" they eventually get captured and put into a small circle room that's all blue and white i think. one of the two eventually take apart his belt buckle and he ends up having a sharpened belt buckle and he shreds the wall of the room and escapes. the movie is about an insane asylum i think.

i've searched the internet forever trying to find the film! it seems like it would be from the 1970s - 1990. probably the 1980s

thanks, Da Bossk!

Any of these names ring a bell?

All secrets are safe with this man, because none are as deadly to him as his own. His secret is that he is Richard Kimble. (The Fugitive - Conspiracy of Silence)