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New horror flick opens up. I had absolutely no intention on seeing this film, so I decided to read up on the ending.

Now I do want to see it.

WARNING: "Orphan" spoilers below
pituitary disorder that makes her look younger than her actual age. She is 33 years old.

I burst out laughing when I heard that. Anyone seen this one yet? Thoughts?
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I had the ending ruined for me by someone on this site, actually. I wasn't going to see it anyway, but I have to admit, the ending sounds pretty clever.

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I've heard really mixed things about this movie don't know if I want to see it or not, Ebert seems to have loved it whilst Reelviews gave it 2/4 which is a below average flick.

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Im really lookig forward to seeing this movie and I cannot wait to see the ending, hopefully no one will rui the ending for me!
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Judging by the trailer, I think the movie would be creepier if the girl playing the part of the orphan were blonde--the whole casting a brunette as a "dark" character thing is over done.
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Anybody else here of the crazy protests against this movie.

Supposedly, politicians and adoption groups are encouraging a boycott of this movie because it puts orphans and adopted children in a bad light.

I have seen a lot of information about it on the web but find it difficult to believe people would be that silly.
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Happy New Year from Philly!
Really? How long have you been on our planet new and intelligent life-form?

Actually I figured the adoption people were just using this as an excuse to get attention for their cause.

I still think it's silly.

you would definitely expect that there is something about that little orphan girl
but i didn't see the ending coming this way at all

strongly recommended

The ending is predictable. I realized the nature of the Orphan an hour before the ending. I don't like movies that I can predict the endings.

I realized the nature of the Orphan an hour before the ending.
Well I'm sorry...I knew the ending of Orphan because someone blurted it out and spoiled it on here. Without spoiler tags mind you.

Damn, I read the spoiler. My own fault.

Somehow, the spoiler makes it sound kinda crappy, though.

This movies looked gay. Any comments??

This movies looked gay. Any comments??

Only that I think its ignorant & juvenile to use the word "gay" to mean something negative.

Unless you meant that you thought Orphan looks brilliant! In which case, my bad!

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I have not seen a decent horror film in a long time, but this one is definitely worth the money. Be sure to use the restrooms before the start of the movie, as it is very riveting and suspenseful. Except for one sex scene between the husband and wife, this film can be viewed by mature children accompanied by an adult. It is very well written, and well-balanced. Personally I found this film very entertaining, suspenseful, and the plot cleverly written. Without getting into too much detail and ruining it for everyone else, this movie is in a category in which the story could become true in the future. Isabel Furhman did a great job starring as an orphan adopted by a couple who was looking to fill a void in the family due to an earlier tragedy. Her ability to manipulate her siblings as well as her adoptive father, thoroughly frustrates the mother. As the movie progresses, her manipulative abilities become more apparent and deadly.