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Ever notice that when one of the recent 3D movies is released on DVD, the ads on TV, web banners etc. show the 3D glasses as clear. Even on the DVD box! But when you open it, like a sucker, you discover that you're getting the traditional, and annoying, crimson and blue specs?

I think they should make it clear to the consumer; if you're buying this movie you're getting the blue and red glasses!

Just check out the Coraline banner on this website, or look up any 3D movie on amazon, it's never clear, but it's implied that your getting the clear glasses. Now I know if the technology were available for DVD that would be a selling point, but c'mon studios, stop with the shenanigans!
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I've got a couple 3D DVDs. Luckily, they also have 2D versions of the film. Why do they bother with the 3D? I haven't seen one yet that works.

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What movies are out in 3D that are affordable? and by that I mean < €6
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While I'm not an avid fan of 3D, I retained the glasses from when I went to see a 3D movie at the theatre. I have yet to actually watch a 3D movie at home, but I've got the glasses just in case.
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