The Young Frankenstein


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So, to start:

Why does Dr. Frankenstein's fiancee dodge his thrown kiss when he is departing from the Train Station headed to Transylvania?

She must not really love him as she gives her virginity to the "Monster" without much resistance.

I have a weird analyzation of movies and pay very close attention to details as such.



Bright light. Bright light. Uh oh.
She just had her hair and makeup done, and doesn't want even a "thrown kiss" to mess it up.

As far as her "virginity" and lack of "resistance", do you really think she's a virgin and that she could resist the Monster in the first place?
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My wife said the same thing about her makeup. You've gotta love Mel Brooks' off the wall comedy.

As for the virginity aspect, "Woof" seems to make me believe as you may have suggested from the context of your statement that she is not a virgin.

Though she seems skittish around Igor when he tries hitting on her.(Maybe because he's a little psycho and all.)

I guess we would have to crawl around Mel Brooks' brain to understand half of the odd-ball stuff he exhibits in his directing.

He is really great and I have always loved his films.

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She avoids his air kiss in order to keep her hair and makeup from getting messed up.

She has sex with the monster because women love bad boys and none of us can resist a big "von schtucker"...allegedly.

As to her much vaunted virginity, well...she just isn't that into Young Dr. Frankenstein.
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