Land of the Lost

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Saw Land of the Lost on Monday, because I had to kill some time away from the apartment for a bit. Very, extremely, completely okay. No more or less.

Probably one of the weirder reviews I've written, for what it's worth. Here's an excerpt, with a link to the rest:

Land of the Lost

Ferrell doesn't have an official writing credit, but his fingerprints are all over the production. Whether it's the result of ad-libbing or scenes being written with him in mind, the movie is just an excuse for him to do what he does. ...READ MORE


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Will Ferrel doesn't have a volume control, so any action is loud and obnoxious. You were right, it is a very weird review, but good nonetheless.
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More proof Farrell is sad sack of recycled gags....

Good review!
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Personally, I like him quite a bit, but I can "get" why he would get on some people's nerves. My review sounds awfully negative, I'm sure, though I still gave it
because I still find the man inherently funny. The pipe bit killed me.

Forgot to mention (d'oh) that the film earns its PG-13 rating. Plenty of rauchy references, which is surprising, given that it looks so very much like a family-oriented film. I think Ferrell's fans will find this a bit too juvenile to take seriously, and families that will appreciate the goofier aspects won't care for his more mature (er, in one sense of the word) brand of humor.

I haven't seen the movie yet, I use to watch the t.v show when i was younger but i don't remember to much about it. I am not sure on this flick..well not enough to pay to see it not yet at least....
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Personally, I like him quite a bit, but I can "get" why he would get on some people's nerves.
That's pretty much where I'm at. I've always found him funny, and Anchorman is one of the funniest things I've ever seen (my taste in comedies is very, uh, basic). But there's no denying he's been playing the same character ever since Ron Burgundy (probably before). I'll never see Land of the Lost because I have no interest, but on the other hand I've never quite understood those who simply despise him.

If nothing else, in the interviews etc that I've seen, he has without fail come across as one of the few totally genuine people in the business. (Also, Stranger Than Fiction is fantastic, though the credit for that isn't really his.)
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I really cannot stand Farrel but I wouldnt mind seeing the movie.
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Good write up Chris. I'll probably be catching this pretty soon as the wife wants to see it which means I want to see it too dont'cha know?

That seems a pretty fair rating to me and I bet mine will be similar.
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Nice review as per usual, Yoda. Think i'm going to have to catch this on terrestrial TV one day. Do not and probably never will like Ferrell. The fact that he is in this film just puts me off it compeletely. I know that's not exactly fair on the film, but hey, if a director wants my full attention then all they need to do is NOT cast Will Ferrell as a lead!

This is one of the goofiest movies I've ever seen...
I was hoping land of the lost would have more of a 'Jurasic' park feel to it, instead it felt more like 'Gilligans Iland' meets the flinstones...
It was real very basic physical comedy type goofy...Will ferral (I'm sorry I can't spell) had his moments the urine episode...

I can't believe I purchased the DVD...but when I just want real basic like 3rd grade humor...I sometimes watch it...

Yeah, I don't buy Will Farrell. I would have appreciated Land of the Lost if it were more serious acting, but with a blatantly B movie style production (which works great for movies like Black Dynamite). I think it would have been much funnier to see an overly bad stop motion version of a not even well crafted clay dinosaur running around, instead of one that's entirely CGI but it's chasing after Will Farrell the whole movie. I guess what I mean to say is, I think a movie that is just purposely bad is funnier than one that just IS bad. After all, that's what made the TV show so hysterical.

I've see this movie about 4 times in the last day...a movie I initially was disappointed in, I now find myself watching intently...why?
To escape I guess....I mean it's so 'dorky'...that I actually find comfort in it. It's a simplistic movie, but it kinda counters complicated issues in my life right now...

If real life could only work that way, where you could get swalled by a T-rex, and be extracted, and walk away from it all unharmed...hmm

I've also noticed that Will Farrell, kinda has the same kinda comedic style as 'Chevy Chase'...the more I watch the guy, the more I see Chevy Chase...say 20 years ago...

(Chevy Chase was much better at it) but Farrell has his comedic genius also...
And I've also come around to the guy who plays his side kick in the movie...

I realize their both good comedians, they just happen to be cast in a silly movie.

I mean i don't know if any comedian could of faired much better in that film...Jim Carrey? Seinfield? Robin Williams? Eddie Murhpy? (I know, Eddie and Robin and Seinfield are dinos, old ancient) but i'm just saying...

And now I can't get that awful marching band or show tune music out of my head...
I need to go rent a movie tonight and break this 'Land of the lost' vortex I'm stuck in...soon I'll know every line in the movie...

I am a fan of the original series and when I heard about this movie, I was a bit disappointed. However, the movie does not make fun of the original series and, instead, gives it respect. The movie is surprisingly funny. It's how every actor in the movie "knows" it's just a fun movie and they all seem to have a good time. There are plenty of things thrown in for nostalgia for the fans of the original series. I recommend this movie.