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Terminator 2 got my vote. The menus were just the greatest ever. I have a DVD from Total Movie magazine, which has a section on the best interactive menus, and I think T2 is the best. The Abyss was nice, and same with Independence Day, but their nothing on T2. Also T2 has so many extras on it, its crazy.
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T2 was pretty darn sweet, especially with three full versions of the flick on one disc, but I love the follow-the-white-rabbit on The Matrix. But then again, the visual commentary on Men In Black was great. It's so hard to pick just one...lol. This is probably why I have a multi DVD changer...I can never decide what to watch.
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I dunno - I might be annoyed by commentary in the middle of the flick - can I turn it off if I want to? It'd be a lot more desirable that way. There is such a thing as TOO much info.

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Yea you can turn off the commentary. But after you have watched it without it, its interesting to watch it with it. Especially if it is a good commentary, like the Director/Writer/Editor one on Final Destination.

I don't have any of those DVDs, so I didn't vote. But any DVD with deleted scenes and director's commentary is excellent in my book. (Deleted scenes are my favorite DVD extra feature). I only have one DVD with director's commentary, and I've not listened to it yet (I don't count the Blazing Saddles and really being a director's commentary).

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My favorite on the list is The Matrix, but I think the cooles DVD available is Gladiator. It has 2 disks, and the second one is loaded with all kinds of info about the movie, and a documentary of the what gladiators were and their function in Roman society.

Check it out, it is awsome.

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Didn't see it.
T2 got my vote.
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Welcome Vander. Yeah Gladiator is sweet, but with all of T2s special features on one disc, it got my vote.