Celluloid Temptation Facilitator
I found this series recently. It stars Skeet Ulrich (who always looks sick and like he is about to cry) and Angus Macfadyen.

It's intriguing and creepy! I just wonder if it goes anywhere. I've only watched four episodes so far. The use of dead children is getting to me. Wow! They really went for it.

Last night after episode four, I had to stop and watch something that I thought would be fluffy and light.

I'll watch more soon though. I have to find out. Is there a thread that pulls all this stuff together (I so hope so), or does it all just dissipate like fog on a sunny day?

Celluloid Temptation Facilitator
Skeet Ulrich

and Angus Macfadyen

look like naughty little boys who are freaked out through most of the shows. Skeet also looks somewhat ill with watery eyes and circles under his eyes.

Marisa Ramirez OTOH is a hottie!

We are done with the series now. I would have liked more answers but it was entertaining most of the time. There were a LOT of dead children in the show. That's pretty edgy, IMO.