POLL: Coolest DVD Available


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I'm really torn on this one, but I voted for The Matrix. It was the first DVD to feature behind-the-scenes segments during the actual film with the follow the white rabbit feature. It's pretty sweet to be able to see how scenes were filmed as you're watching them. Men In Black and The Abyss should be included in here somewhere and T2 was awesome with the 3rd version on the disc. It's tough to pick a favorite.
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Forgot about Independence Day and the upcoming Legend set. Chris, this is cruel and unusual punishment lol.

Sorry! It won't let me go back and add more options - would you like to start a new topic? I can then provide a link to the new one and close this one.

lol. ok dokey

Chris, I tried to create a favorite extra feature poll, but it won't let me post it...