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From that trailer, I don't think Robin Williams looks very convincing as the bad guy!

This is yet another Hollywood re-make of a terrific foreign-language flick. The original is Norwegian, just made in 1997, and also called Insomnia. It's a really good, really dark character study and psychological thriller. Stellan Skarsgard, who even if you primarily stick to English-language releases you may know from Ronin, Good Will Hunting, Deep Blue Sea, The Glass House or Dancer in the Dark, starred in the original, and was excellent.

Like most of these needless re-makes of recent foreign classics, I am extremely skeptical...BUT since it was directed by Christopher Memento Nolan, I have faith that it will make an interesting and vital translation. Should be a good lead role for the aging Pacino, and despite what impressions you formed from the trailer, Robin Williams could make an excellent low-key heavy. Think more of his delicious cameo in Branagh's Dead Again than his forgettable nutty professor in Flubber.

Bottom line: Nolan makes this a must-see.

And for anoyone looking for a good, off-beat, dark modern foreign-language flick to enjoy some weekend, definitely track down the original Insomnia.
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Man I hate insomnia! (not the Movie, the sleeping disorder)

But anyways, yeah, this film looks like it could be a bit of alright

I dont think the trailer was well done. The premise is lost somewhere. Im sitting here still trying to think of what that trailer told us besides who is starring in it. The possibility is there, but this trailer sure doesn't grab my attention.
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you didnt think the trailer grabbed your attention! it has Pacino Swank and Williams,and its from christopherr Nolan! That alone would make me see this movie. They didnt need anything else.

Holden do you think that they would have the norweigian Insomnia at any regualer Blockbuster or something?

BTW: realease date is May 24, three days before my Birthday!!!
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It'll be a crapshoot whether or not an average Blockbuster stocks the original Insomnia. Maybe as the release of the re-make draws closer you'll have a better shot? It was released on R1 DVD, by Criterion.

Hey guys! I know someone who is seeing Insomnia tonight. If I get to talk to him I'll report back about what he thought of the film.

In other news, I've been talking about this film for awhile now but nobody has really seemed to care save a select few, but I have received word that in front of Insomnia will be a theatrical trailer for Clint Eastwood's latest thriller Blood Work . If you are at all a Clint Eastwood fan or a fan of the book by Michael Connelly I'd advise you to check it out. If enough people go see Insomnia maybe we could start another thread about the movie trailer for Blood Work , people's thoughts about the film, anticipatation (or not) for it's release, and so forth. I'm really interested to hear what other people here on the board have to say. I've been looking forward to seeing Insomnia but now that the trailer for Blood Work will be showing with it I will most definitely go see it and the anticipation for the movie has been heightened.

This movie opens today, 5/24, so if you guys go see it in the theaters please come back and of course report on your thoughts of the film but also come back and tell me if you did in fact see the Blood Work movie trailer! Thank you.

Hey guys. I went to see Insomnia last night and thought it was very good. The performances by Pacino and Robin Williams were very good and although the ending wasn't what I expected, on the whole I thought it was a well made thriller. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see the Blood Work trailer. I was upset and more than a little disappointed so I'm wondering if any of you went to see Insomnia and saw this trailer. If so, how was it? Was it a full trailer? Did it show scenes from the film? I've been dying to see a trailer for this film for awhile now so if anyone did go to see the film and saw this trailer please try to come and post here and give me a detailed description of the trailer and anything that you can remember about it. So, if you want to post, please feel free to do so and I'll keep the conversation going if there is some degree of interest, and please if you saw that trailer please come back and post and tell me all about it. I know somebody has to have seen it... Thanks a lot guys!

..Still haven't seen that stupid Blood Work trailer. Can't find it on the net anywhere....

I just saw "Insomnia".......great film. Deniro and Williams were great. Robin Williams does have that bad guy role done well for this character. Can't wait to see him in his upcoming new thriller "One Hour Photo".

Download the trailer below.........................

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Originally posted by AKA23
..Still haven't seen that stupid Blood Work trailer. Can't find it on the net anywhere....
Don't stress about it! They hardly show's really a very quick, little trailer.

Saw this movie last night. I was very impressed. Christopher Nolan is doing some damn fine work. I quote Chris Bowyer," Christopher Nolan is on his way up."<<< So true.
The direction was amazing.
The acting was gripping; so subtle. Al Pacino is mezmorizing, every word he says is captivating.
Hilary Swank was my favorite part of the movie. She was very subtle with her motives and emotions, that if you weren't paying attention, you wouldn't have noticed her at all.
Robin Williams did a fine job. It was weird to have all those close ups of his face. I didn't realize what an odd looking fellow he is.
This movie should be remembered come Oscar time, just like the trailer suggests.