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Hey y’all…any Mummy fans? I think The Mummy was one of the tightest movies…The Mummy Returns was also kick ***, and the special effects were so freakin awesome, especially in the intro with the battle scene and ancient Egypt and all that stuff. Does anyone have the DVD for The Mummy Returns?? I’d like to know what the extras in it are so I know whether to buy it or not. What do you guys all think of The Scorpion King? It doesn't come out until April 19th but I found the trailer at and it looks sick. If any of you guys see that let me know what you guys think of it. Aiight, catch y’all later!

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Sick like bad like terrible? If that's what you're saying then I agree with you.

I'm not planning on seeing this, just looks too stupid.
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Given the context, I think he meant sick as in "awesome." I dunno, it doesn't look that great, but ya' never know. Believe it or not, I'm a believer in The Rock's action flick prowess. But I'm not a fan of the trailer (at least not most of it). We shall see. If the reviews hail it as better than expected, I might see it.

He might move to that -- though at this point, it'd hurt his popularity. He's too well-known as "The Rock." His real name, I believe, is Dwayne Johnson, BTW.

The Rock was awesome on SNL, but man this movie looks dumb.
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i really liked the mummy, and the mummy returns was also great, if they do it in the same way as the first 2 (without the rock as a cg scorpion) then it will be great.
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You don't understand. This is the time leading up to him becoming the Scorpion King. Won't deal with any of Mummy Returns probably

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I'm pretty sure The Scorpion King will be pretty unrelated to the other two movies. (I don't know though 'cause I havn't heard much about it let alone a storyoine)

ieve it or not, I'm a believer in The Rock's action flick prowess.
Me too, but I reckon there would be better films he could be in than this (which is probably what you think).

im not talking about story line, the mummy and the mummy returns had completely different ones, im talking about sommers directing. Egyuptian history, and good special effects (still not counting cg scorpion king)

i liked the water and the anubus army

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Hey, I liked both Mummy films and I have both DVD's. Haven't watched the extras yet though. I really don't see why people don't like the films, I thought they were Saturday matinee kind of fun. I honestly liked both Mummy flicks better than, say, Lord of the Rings (don't hit me!!!), and I definitely want to see The Scorpion King. Maybe I have no taste. I don't know.
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