Old, Random, B&W All-Black Moses/Old Testament Movie


I have been searching for the answer to this one for a while. If anyone knows about it, I will be amazed and thankful.

When my friends and I were in high school, we randomly found this movie on public access television that was bizarre, but never found out the name of it. If my memory serves me correctly, this is how I would describe it:

Old, poor quality, black and white movie. All-black cast. Maybe telling the story of Moses or perhaps just a Bible movie.

I couldn't put a date to it, but if I had to guess, I would say 1940s. But, it may have looked older because of the crappy quality. Filmed on small sets that were poorly furnished. Costumes were terrible. Actors spoke with sambo-esque, stereotypical slang, making the dialogue and story-telling bizarre considering the subject matter. I specifically remember, or at least I think I do, a scene with the burning bush or the handing down of the ten commandments.

If anyone has seen this or has any idea what I'm talking about, let me know!

Maybe you're thinking of...?

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It sounds like The Green Pastures (1936). Turner Classic Movies has a nice restored print of it nowadays.

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wow! thanks so much guys! i think it is greener pastures...i will have to check out both of these movies to confirm it