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My favorite films have really changed since my last list , I've found a lot of new favorites that you may have never even heard of - so lets get this on moving.

100. Paul Blart : Mall Cop

This is Kevin James like I've never seen him before , he embodies his role as a mall enforcer so well - this high flying action/comedy never fails to make me laugh.

99. Transporter 3

Jason Statham's finale to his Transporter trilogy is a high note for the series. It ties everything the Transporter movies do right , into one well rounded package.

98. Gran Torino

Clint Eastwood's breathtaking end to his acting career , is one of the most realistic and chilling movies I have seen. I was in tears during the tragic ending.

97. Hitch

I believe Will Smith is one of the greatest working actors of our time , even if Hitch is one of his weaker performances - it's story makes up for the holes in Smith's flawed (but beautiful) performance.

96. Roll Bounce

The best skating movie I've ever seen , hands down. Bow Wow shows how much he has matured as an actor since his earlier role in Like Mike.

95. Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Snyder's retelling of the dated original film , is way faster and much more violent. It just goes to prove that Zack Snyder will only change Watchmen for the best.

94. Stranger than Fiction

One of Will Ferrell's few serious roles , he gives his all and proves that he could very well be one of the best kept dramatic secrets.

93. Attack Force

Seagal has probably starred in the most amount of amazing action movies , even more so than the greats like Schwarzenegger , Willis , and Smith. Attack Force proves that he's still in the game and we can keep looking forward to his next action extravaganza.

92. Rebound

Martin Lawrence plays this utterly hilarious basketball coach , I don't know how anyone could not laugh their ass off at this one. It also becomes more serious near the end and has a very good message.

91. The Black Knight

The 2008 remake The Dark Knight was nowhere near the 2001 original , it's another movie with Lawrence - but this time he goes back in time and has to become a knight. He's a great character actor , you could put this man in any situation (Bad Boys 2) and he would make it funny.

90. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

This series is among my favorites , the fourth installment brings up the intensity from the previous ones - but sacrifices the amazing story telling of it's predecessors.

more to come ...

Good list so far I guess, mainly for Gran Torino and Dawn Of The Dead being on there. Paul Blart would never make it anywhere near my top 100 though.

Bright light. Bright light. Uh oh.
Cute, meaty, but not as funny as valeriewriter.

How many of those films have you actally watched?
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Cute, meaty, but not as funny as valeriewriter.

How many of those films have you actally watched?
lol, I remember her, her reviews were so funny to read.

. . . has matured as an actor since his earlier role in Like Mike... Good stuff Meat.

I though you sort of liked Gran Torino?
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I was thinking Paul Blart...really? Then I saw Roll Bounce and fell to the floor laughing.
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I'm fairly convinced that this is a joke - then again, the write-ups for Gran Torino and Dawn of the Dead do seem somewhat convincing.
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.
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89. Transporter 2

Statham does it again in this no holds barred fuel ride , it really is the best of the entire series.

88. Evan Almighty

This is the obvious one that's on everyone's list , but I still wanted it on mine - because it such a great movie. Carrel is somehow able to outdo Jim Carey at his own game.

87. 2001 : A Space Odyssey

It took me a couple hundred viewings , but I finally understand the genius of this film now. 2001 is not only about nothing : but also about everything.

86. Daddy Day Care

This picture says it all ^^^^ .....

85. Daddy Day Camp

I really like the continuity in the poster for this movie. I can't say digitally replacing Eddie Murphy's originally R rated performance with Cuba Gooding Jr's more family appropriate one - was that good of a decision though.

84. Surf Ninjas

An incredibly realistic portrayal of my youth , not to mention awesome fight scenes made by the same team as the Ninja Turtle films.

83. Star Wars : The Clone Wars

I don't mind the playstation 2 graphics , as long as George Lucas directs - it's a great movie by my standards. Sure it was a disappointing conclusion to the prequel trilogy and maybe it could have been animated by 10 people in a week , but it's worth it to see Darth Sith™.

82. Godzilla (1998)

Much better than the silly Japanese ones , this american retelling of the classic novel - fires on all cylinders.

81. The Shaggy Dog

I have no idea how they turned Tim Allen into a dog , regardless he is able to use this amazing technique to make a fully captivating movie.

80. Mallrats

Kevin Smith's masterpiece , still stands tall as it did on release day. In this hillarious sequel to Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back - the two stoners do some really funny stuff at a mall.

I'm very confused.
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Me too... but I'll still add it to the MoFo Top 100 lists if it is, in fact, his new list of favorites... so, let me know Meat...
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79. Scary Movie 4

The best of the Waynes Brother films , oh wait - they didn't make this one.

78. White Chicks

What can I say , I'm a sucker for these high concept movies (guy turned into dog , black men turned into white women , normal house turned into a day care).

77. Baby Mama


76. Agent Cody Banks 2 : Destination London

My second favorite spy movie , although not as good as the original.

75. Catwoman

One of the better Batman spinoffs , I still prefer The Joker's 100 foot long gun off the Tim Burton one - to Catwoman's powers.

74. Batman Forever

Speaking of Batman , this is the movie that cemented Seal's "Kissed By a Rose" into music history.

73. Good Burger

Back in the day when 9 out of 10 acclaimed writers worked for Nickelodeon , the masters of screenplay teamed up to deliver this powerfull and moving drama about two guys stuck in a dead end fast food joint (later remade as Clerks 2).

72. Catch that Kid

Sure it's the straight to DVD Agent Cody Banks 2 , but I still really enjoyed this one.

71. 3 Ninjas : High Noon at Mega Mountain

Ninja movies are probably my favorite genre , this is one of the classics.

70. The World is Not Enough

My favorite spy movie , there are lots of explosions and cool James Bond lines. He also outruns a laser on ice in some crazy thing - I can't even explain it , but it's really something.

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If I were buying a laser gun I'd definitely take the XF-3800 before I took the "Pew Pew Pew Fun Gun."

Word, Suspect. Kilmer is awesome. He's probably my second favorite Batman... maybe third. Almost forgot about Adam West.

And Meat did you used to post on the Rotten Tomatoes forum?