Buffalo Bill and the Indians: Sitting Bull's History Lesson

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A review I posted a week or so ago at MJ.

Buffalo Bill and the Indians: Sitting Bull's History Lesson (1976, Robert Altman)

Robert Altman returns to direct a film set in the old west, however unlike his masterpiece McCabe & Mrs. Miller, this movie is sunny, delightful, and full of comedy and hope. Hope for the white man at least, depending on how you read the film. Essentially it takes place as the old west dwindles down, American Indians live on reservations and the last "renegades" are being tracked down, and buffalo and Indians hunters such as Buffalo Bill Cody have been reduced to sideshow attractions. Paul Newman brings a certain grace to the title role. The supporting cast is excellent. A novel idea for a movie and a very enjoyable one whether you like westerns or not. Of course if you know anything about Altman you'll know conventional is not his cup of tea so again it's not your traditional western. The best moments in the film feature Sitting Bull playing tricks whether intentionally or simply through misunderstanding.

Grade: B+
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I've never seen this but am curious so added it to my Queue and will make a few more comments after I've seen it...

Viddy, haven't you written more reviews? If so, why not turn this into a review thread and add more reviews? I, or one of the other mods, can change the thread title for you...
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