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The Ultimate Matrix Collection (10 Disc's) I am in awe of this boxset and the specail feature's.
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I loved Girl, Interrupted (even though Satan's in it.) Plenty of eye candy there too, even if it's not portrayed that way.
I found it ok nothing specail tho, wasnt really my type of film the wife bought it.

Who is "Satan"?

Who is "Satan"?
Satan is *said in a whisper* Whoolpi Goldberg. Somewhere on this site I've explained why she's Satan and why you have to whisper her name, that's if you say it at all.

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I didn't like Girl Interuppted. I also heard, that the person the film was based on, was very very unhappy with it, as it raped her life story(or something along those lines.)

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Satan is *said in a whisper* Whoolpi Goldberg. Somewhere on this site I've explained why she's Satan and why you have to whisper her name, that's if you say it at all.
You'll have to post the link so I can see your reasons Its very intriging as to why she who must not be named is Satan

\m/ Fade To Black \m/
I didn't like Girl Interuppted. I also heard, that the person the film was based on, was very very unhappy with it, as it raped her life story(or something along those lines.)
I would be interested in reading about that

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Honeykid I find this hilarious

I consider Whoopi Goldberg to be Satan. My reason being that it's the only explaination for the fact that she won an Oscar for her role in Ghost. Her winning would be extraordinary. Possible but extraordinary. The same for someone winning an Oscar for Ghost. But for the two to come together is impossible. Not in a hundred year storm way impossible, but an actual physical impossibility. Therefore, supernatural forces must've been at work and, for something of this magnitude, it'd have to be the Dark One himself (and I don't mean Batman.) I don't see any reason for him to do this though. Thus, the only way it could happen, is if she were Satan.

You see, simple when it's explained to you isn't it?

I also have a theory that, like Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare On Elm Street, if everyone ignores her/Him, she'll/He'll go away. I've been spreading the word for many, many years now and, so far, her/His appearances have diminished, but it's a hard, long battle and, of course, by spreading the word she/He stays around. However, if we can alert everyone, then we can stop and she'll/He'll disapear. That's the theory anyway.

I posted that in the 2008 Election thread, naturally. Where else would you expect to find it?

I've not seen it N3wt and the reason I've not seen it is because there's no way there's a great film starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig.

I love the original Bodysnatchers film though. Not much of a fan of the other two remakes I've seen.

Fair enough dude, I must say I enjoyed it. You must be a fan of Danial Craig especailly in the new Bonds.
Not a big fan of Craig or Bond, I'm afraid. Craig's a good actor, but I find he has almost zero screen presence and, unless it's Roger Moore, it ain't Bond for me. I can't take Bond seriously so, unless it's gimmicky and camp, I'm not buying it. I think Goldeneye was the most recent Bond I've seen. I quite liked The Bourne Identity though, (or "American Bond" as I call it) so I'm not adverse to seeing the new Bond films. It's just that I'm not had a reason to yet.

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