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Have you seen any of those N3wt? NCFOM is amazing.
Yes mate we watched Juno and No Country For Old Men last night and really enjoyed them both.

Juno - 7/10
NCFOM - 8.5/10

Were watching Children of men tonight so will put rating up soon.

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Regards getting the pics up my mother-in-law is still using our camera lead so as soon as she has finished I'll be posting them as I peomised

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Watched The Exterminator last night and really enjoyed it, I love finding movies that I havent seen before and enjoying them its great.

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My mum-in-law had two copys of Season one of Pushing Daisy's so I bought one of them off her. I remember hearing something about it when it was on tv a while back but I didnt watch it. From what ive heared and read it sounds great.

...Its a story of Ned, a lonely pie maker whose touch can reanimate the dead. Cool, but theres a hitch. If Ned touches the person again, the miricle is reversed. If he doesnt, a by stander goes toe's up. What to do? Easy: Team up with a private eye, bring murder victims back just long enough to discover whodunit, and collect the rewards. Things go well untill Ned's boyhood sweetie is the next dear departed, and he cant resist bringing her back for keeps!

Dig the wit, style and quirky romance: If your not laughing, you may need a visit from Ned.
It does sound like a good laugh, Ill post up what I think of it when weve watched afew episodes.

Has anyone seen it? If so let me know what you thought

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Asda is great for cheap DVD's I pick afew up whenever we go, you can get some great movies from there.

But to get the best selection of movie's you definatly need to go to a bigger store.

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Also Pushing Dasies we really enjoyed the first series and are going to watch it again soon. Were looking forward to May as the 2nd series is coming out to buy.

On the subject of DVDs Ive just bought Dead Like Me series One and Two for £17.99 each. I havent added them to the list as they havent arrived yet

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I always thought Zavvi was great, you can get 5 DVD's for £30 with a fair bit of good films. I came out of there before with some good films and the best thing was there was a few boxsets included, for £30, I had 12 or more films, not bad at all.

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Dead Like Me Series 1 & 2 Boxset's arrived this morning and weve seen the first 5 episode's and we love the show it is great.

Any other fan's?

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Shrooms was not a good film.
I could have told you that.

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You should have asked me, instead of buying it.