Recently, I ordered this series (which consists of two seasons) online on DVD and am currently a quarter-way into the second season. I watched most of it when it was originally on TV back in 2003, but after rewatching it for the first time ever, I'm growing extremely fond of the series. Amber Tamblyn is drop-dead-gorgeous and I think she's a very talented actress, and the plot--while bordering on redundant at times--is interesting and, many times, deeply moving.

As I said, I'm presently a little ways through Season 2 and so far it's been a roller coaster ride. Amber Tamblyn was a bit shaky with her acting in the first season when it came to crying and portraying sad emotion (which happens a lot in this series ), but in Season 2 she seems to be doing a *much* better job as she's sinking into her role as Joan more and more. The recent death of a character in the series has affected me more than I had ever expected or thought possible for this series to do.

Joan of Arcadia has to be one of my favorite television shows that I've ever seen, so long as the second half of Season 2 doesn't severely disappoint (I never watched the latter half of the second season when it was originally on TV).
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