Big Bang Theory


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Ive just discovered this awesome show! I started watching it up my mates house about 2 months ago and started watching the episodes on tv. Then I was just in time to start watching the 2nd series which started afew weeks ago.

Im loving the humour, charectors and even tho half the time the things the guys come out with are completly out of my brain capasity it is still very funny.

I would suggest this show to everyone as it is amazing!
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I've been watching this show since the first episode and I love it, I've missed a few episodes of it though, it's still probably my favorite sitcom that's out right now.

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I like this show, too. It makes me laugh at how awkward they are. The guys that play Sheldon and Raj came to our school to be guest readers and I was the only person that knew who they were! I shook their hands and let them know I liked their show. They were very sweet.
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I liked the show, though don't like the main geek, how he always looks up when he speaks. Rest is all good though. Except that god awful theme song.

I thought the Christmas episode this past season was hysterical, and I'm not that crazy about the show.
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I just started watching it recently. It is extremly funny. Sheldon is awesome. Even looking at him makes me want to laugh.
just hearing his voice does it for me as well!!! i so love this show. have you ever notice the elevator is not fixed and the guys could prolly fix it~~ just a random rambling at 3 am

Im marathoning (Hm. Firefox doesnt think thats a word) The Big Bang Theory this week. watched all episodes from the pilot and now midway in season 5. This shows awesome on so many levels for me. Johnny Galeckis one of those actors you just like, Jim Parsons is absolutely killing it with his portrayal of Sheldon, Kaley Cuoco is adorable and has good comedic timing, and I love Mayim Bialik & Melissa Rauch who have added to the show in a great way.

The geekiness definitely brings me back to happier times. Yeah I played D&D and aint ashamed to say it (It was actually AD&D but no matter) Sheldons feud with Will Wheaton was hysterical, and I think the union of Leonard & Penny is the most intriguing since David & Addie from Moonlighting. You just want them to be together! Great show

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This is one show I absolutely detest. Hate it.
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I did at first, but it grew on me. Now it's one of my comfort shows. I don't get excited about it, but it's nice to catch an episode now and then on a lazy day.

I think the show can be incredibly funny and I still watch it regularly, however I feel like it has gone downhill a bit ever since the addition of Amy. She's grown on a me a little over the last few seasons, but I'm still not a fan of the character.

this show is really not very good. i don't really have strong feelings towards it either way, but sheldon has got to be one of the most annoying television characters ever.

Now it's one of my comfort shows. I don't get excited about it, but it's nice to catch an episode now and then on a lazy day.
This is how I think about it. I didn't use to like it at all and, while I still don't think it's particularly funny, I like it now.
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