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Slumdog Millionaire


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It just won best film from National Board of Review
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Saw trailer for this other day, nice to see Anwar from TV's Skins on a bigger production. Looks interesting enough, though it's only really the reviews that make me want to see it.

I didn't really have much interest in it, until I saw that trailer. It actually does look pretty good.

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Looking forward to this it looks awesome.
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With the exception of "Family Feud" I've never been a fan of game shows. I think they're silly. That being said I did like Magnolia and Quiz Show which center around them.

The premise of this movie looks novel. A man using his memory and personal experiences for his answers.

I might see it. It's playing in Des Moines, but I also might save my $7.50 for the craps table. Who knows.
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This is the next film I'm going to see... I'm hoping it will be great.

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I thought it was good and much better than the how the description tried to sell it.

I was surprised at how much my friends liked it.

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Anyone else think the crap looked like refried beans?
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I just saw this the other day and thought it was a very good movie, but it didn't 't live up to all the hype I was hearing about it. The story was touching but predictable (even bordering on hokey at times) and acting was heartfelt but not amazing.

In short I thought it was good, but am somewhat puzzled by so many people pushing it for Best Picture?
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I still haven't seen it (I will), but I think some people are taking it to their heart as the "little movie that could" and "this year's feel-good movie". When you look at most all the potential Oscar nominees, it doesn't seem like there are that many "Up" movies.
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That sounds about right! Well I suppose worse things could happen than Danny Boyle getting an Oscar :P

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Slumdog Millionaire is a nice movie.This movie has already won four awards.