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Ben Stiller has confirmed that he is working on a sequel to his 2001 comedy hit "Zoolander." Stiller, who played a dim-witted model in the original movie, is in talks to get production rolling on a follow-up and is currently looking at scripts.

"I've been trying to get 'Zoolander 2' together and we've had a few scripts," he revealed. "I feel that is the sequel I really would like to do some day because I like the original and I would make sure it was something new and worthy of it first."

In the original film, Stiller played a clueless fashion model, at the end of his career, who is brainwashed to kill the Prime Minister of Malaysia. "Zoolander" made $45 million domestically on a $28 million budget. But the DVD sales made this movie a hit and worthy of a sequel.

Do you want to see a "Zoolander" sequel?

I don't think it needs a sequel at all but if the original team is back on it and it's not a STD knock-off then that's a small relief.

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I really didnt like the first infact I couldnt even finish the damm thing, so this is'nt good news for me at all.

And oh what a shocker another sequel!
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I really didnt like the first infact I couldnt even finish the damm thing, so this is'nt good news for me at all.

And oh what a shocker another sequel!
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Will it feature the center for kids who can't read good?
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the first one is good, but only after multiple viewings...for some reason, i found it boring the first few times, but after like the third time i watched it i started laughing at the stupidity...i don't think a sequel is a good idea though, the story was done as far as im concerned...i hate all this sequel nonsense that people pull, why can't they leave well enough alone?
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Yeah, Zoolander was a weird one, i never really found it that funny at first. Think it must have been after the actors came into fame and their own in other roles that Zoolander became funny.

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Zoolander is like Napoleon Dynamite in that it takes a couple viewings to begin appreciating it. Owen Wilson adds a lot to the film, particularly with his memorable (but probbly not exact) line, "Hey, everyone! Mugatu's a dick!"

What I liked about it was the play on contrast: the models really are as dumb as they appear or are believed to be, yet they are really better than most people, getting what they want based on looks and who they know. Their stupidity is just the thing that keeps them in their place, high on the social ladder of life. The viewer determines how to interpret that.

But a sequel...hrmmm. I'd rather see a Mystery Men sequel.

Not sure this one needs a sequel either, but if its as funny as the original, hells yeah, I'll see it. Zoolander is one of my favorite movies from the last 10 years.

I liked the first one, but a sequel? Come on!! Stiller has many films that are way more worthy of a sequel!!How about Starsky And Hutch!! I dont think Owen Wilson would do another Zoolander(It would totally suck if he was not in it) and if he did it might make him go crazy again!!!!I like me some Blue Steel just as much as the next person but enough is enough!!

Do we really need more of this?
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I'm actually a bit excited about this, but for curiosity's sake more so than anything else

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what?!?! no way. just no.

Will it feature the center for kids who can't read good?
If it does, I hope its a bigger building this time....I love Zoolander and look forward to a sequal. Its stupid awesome fun to me...love it.

I want a new dodgeball movie too....great movie!!! I want a new Nacho Libre and a new Napoleon Dynamite too...some of the best movies i have seen..I just love that crazy humor.

AND IM looking forward to the new zombieland!!...Its time to nut up or shut up!

yeah, first one was good enough for a few veiwings, but a sequal? and why have they been thinking of it for 2 years? seems like a project that would have been forgotten 3 days after conception.
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I saved that to my OneDrive account after it got deleted from a site that was able to stream it, after it got deleted. So I was then able to make gifs for my Tumblr.

Funny teaser though.