football factory


hello, im new an signed up to ask if anyone knows....

have there been 2 different versions of football factory? i have seen one which seems to be a bit slower, an has older music on it, blondie etc, and the other which is faster, dance style music through it.

also only the fast one had the scene where they tell tom he hit billys mrs an needed to go appoligise.

any ideas?

Errrm, my guess would be you are confusing Football Factory with The Business. I would assume this was a joke as they are pretty different films and quite obviously, however they are both from the same production team and both directed by Nick Love and star Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan amongst other the odd other. The Business is an 80s set rise-and-fall of two drug dealers in Costa del Sol, Spain- and has many 80s classic songs including Heart of Glass and Call Me by Blondie. Football Factory is, which i'm sure you know, about football violence. Both are excellent films that i would rank among my all time favourites.


nah definatly both football factory, yeah know an liekt he buisness well tho.

they both star allt he same people, both same story line with football violance, an matey dies in both, they are just laid out differently, i can only think 1 was maybe a prerelease or something as it was probably downloaded, where as the other is what i have seen from proper DVD's.


Hummm, stumped then. My other guess would be a strain and say you were thinking of Green Street (Hooligans). IMDB normally lists alternate versions which this might be but the page is blank. Have you gone through deleted scenes and such on the DVD?

sussed it, apparently before the it was released in the uk there was another version of the film released, since it was a pirate copy then it would have been this one.

personally i much prefure the non uk version.

i only have it on avi, tho trying to find it on dvd cause the avi isnt the best quality.

worth watching if you like these films.

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Do you still have the unreleased version of football factory? I had it and agree it is better and have lost it.

Has anybody found this version online yet?