"The Bill Douglas Trilogy" on DVD?


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I read this on salon.com. Has anyone seen this trilogy? Know anything about it?

"The Bill Douglas Trilogy" on DVD
British cinema has a long tradition of producing remarkable film talent and then discarding, undervaluing or exporting it, but there is no more dramatic example than that of Scottish director Bill Douglas. Born in 1934 and raised in a viciously poor mining town outside Edinburgh by a succession of grandparents, without much idea who or where his parents were, Douglas returned to those roots in the early '70s with three amazing narrative films that, while highly influential in the development of British cinema, remain almost unknown outside Scotland. At last available in a North American DVD release from Facets Video, "The Bill Douglas Trilogy" -- comprising "My Childhood," "My Ain Folk" and "My Way Home" -- displays a concise and confident mastery of black-and-white composition, editing and sound design, along with a poetic-minimalist sensibility utterly shorn of sentimental nostalgia. Douglas' love-starved young protagonist, Jamie (Stephen Archibald), must survive an environment of seemingly endless neglect, abuse, insanity and alcoholism, in which any small act of kindness appears as a miracle, before finding an unlikely escape through a middle-class English boy he meets while doing his national service in Egypt. There's really no way I can overstate the cinematic brilliance and emotional immediacy of these films; they'll blow you away. Douglas' trilogy should have been celebrated as the emergence of a British Truffaut, and launched a great career or an entire cinematic movement. Instead, he found it increasingly difficult to raise money and made only one more film (the 1986 epic "Comrades"), spending the rest of his life as a beloved film instructor before dying in 1991. -- Andrew O'Hehir

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