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New Puppet Master Movie


I heard that they are releasing a new Puppet Master movie! I've always been a huge fan of this series. I guess it's going to take place during WWII or something. Anyway, what do you guys think?

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Puppet master is a great old horror I think it is are awesome classic film but is this a remake or another sequel?
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I love the Puppet Master movies. I own all of them on DVD, and I think it's one of those classic series. This I will be looking forward too.

Plus, I heard about this too. It's not going to be a remake, it's going to be a sequel to The Legacy, when Toulon tells of his puppets during WWII.

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i love the original but they were wearing thin as sequels were spawned its a shame hollywood didnt decide to throw a bit of cash there way and reinvigourate the series like they are with friday the 13th and others id rather see pmaster remade/relaunched than the who your best puppet mine was always pinhead the plainest looking for sure but something about the small head on a normal body with big hands was creepy

Is Charles Band (the creator of these flicks) involved in this? Or is this someone else stepping in? I suppose I could look it up myself.

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its gonna be called axis of evil and charles band is apparently on board just got hold of puppet master vs demonic toys ive a sneaky suspicion it may be pants

Puppet Master 1 & 2 is all ive seen... and when I first saw them I thought they sucked...
But for some reason, I think its a classic... Probably cause its going to remain a B movie flop that will only show on AMC every 20 years... but it still is classic horror

Puppet Master is awesome. I'm glad they've finally decided to continue the series. The Legacy was okay, so a new one should be even better.

Puppet Master = favorite horror of my childhood. I really hope they have a higher budget this time around, but I really don't care as long as it comes out

I love all of them, and so far I thought The Legacy was the best. Another sequel will surely blow all of them out of the water!

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I can't wait for it to buy it! YAY PUPPET MASTER!! An old child hood movie series!

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I rented the first Puppet Master about 3 years ago, and I thought it was just awful. I even rented the sequel while returning the first film, and thought it was even worse than the first one.

When will they ever stop?

Puppet Master is awful. Awful, awful, awful.

Just joking, I love the Puppet Master movies. I would definitely love to see a sequel. Puppet Master: Axis of Evil huh? When is the trailer coming out? When is it coming out? I can't wait to see it!!!!!!!!!!

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Puppet Master is awful. Awful, awful, awful.

I LOVE Puppet Master! So I'm ignoring your comment!

My favorite movie Would have to be the first one of course. Its got good music and excitement. Plus a lot of funny gruesome horror scenes. Ok I like the third movie also. For the same reasons of course. Lets just leave it at that shall we? I can always have Tunneler visit you if you like.

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Can't wait to see what the new graphics will look like

The special effects of the first film were just awful. The opening scene where Blade is running through the motel and the lady sees him just makes me laugh. The special effects were just horrible

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Terrible idea.
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