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Thought X-Men fans would like to know that there will be another X-Men DVD released in a few months that will have a ton of additional features that the new release does not have. The 2 disc set features additional scenes that are not even shot yet that will be filmed and put in the new release, deleted scenes, character and actor biographies, isolated score, comic book info, DVDROM, and rumors of a possible alternate ending...plus X-Men 2 trailers and scenes.

The current X-Men DVD release has Easter Eggs encoded on the disc. Let me know if you want them here or in a easter egg thread of it's own.
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Didn't see it.
Bummer. I just bought it yesterday. Oh well.
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I know. Fox is keeping it under wraps, but I got to see production boards for it and it looks sweet. Warner Brothers did the same thing with Matrix and Perfect Storm. Both of those have major addition releases coming up soon.

X-Men instantly became one of my all-time favorite movies - it was so well put together, I was in total awe of it. This DVD sounds amazing! I'll definitely wait for the 2-disc set.

Heck yeah, Laurie, list them eggs!

BTW: I hope you realize how incredibly insightful/helpful/entertaining you are - you're a very pleasant person, and it's just *TOO* cool to have a DVD expert here!

Awww... thank you Chris. I really appreciate that.

The X-Men DVD that was released Tuesday has two eggs on it that were originally intended to be listed in the special features menu. Fox decided to pull the goodies and turn them into eggs. Here ya go.

From the disc's main menu go to the Trailers and TV Spots section. Then press the left arrow key on your remote control and you will highlight the rose in the upper left corner of the screen. Now press 'Enter' and you will get to see a truly funny practical joke scene in which the X-Men meet another superhero comic books. I'm not going to say which one because that would ruin it.

The second egg is in the Art Gallery section of the disc. At the bottom of the screen you will see Wolverine's dog tags that can be selected using the remote control. Highlight them and press 'Enter' and you will get to see character designs for the Blob and Beast. These two guys didn't make it into the first film, but are supposed to be in the sequel.

Happy hunting and Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Those are some pretty cool eggs on the X-Men DVD, and I'm proud to say that I found them this time, when I first watched it I was going through the menus looking for things, and noticed the dog tags, but not the rose. I like the other superhero meeting.
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Yeah I got the 1.5 DVD, check out the Rogue cut of DOFP too, fills in a few blanks.