Pineapple Express; Best Apatow Movie Since Anchorman?

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Just seent Pineapple Express a third time and i LOVE it. Its the bee's knees if u ask me! What's your opinion? Go.
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To me, this is the equivalent of saying, "Revenge of the Sith: Best Star Wars Movie Since Phantom Menace?"

In other words - yes. But I have a relatively low opinion of Apatow films.

EDIT: Wait a minute, we already have a thread on Pineapple Express. Link
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.

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I havent seen it yet im looking forward to see it as it look awsome. I did enjoy anchorman even tho I cannot stomach Will Ferral. So if this is just as good it should be a great watch.
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Really enjoyed PINEAPPLE EXPRESS despite an overly complicated screenplay that tries to encompass a little too much, like a lot of Apatow's work, it's a little self-indulgent and goes on a little too long, but it's a lot of fun...James Franco is hysterical.