Which stooge would you be?


Which stooge matches you?
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Curly Joe
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Hello everyone.
I have always enjoyed, The Three Stooges.
Which stooge most closely matches you?
Brutally honest comments are always welcome.
Please vote in my poll.
Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!

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I am half agony, half hope.
I'd be the mean guy with the bowl cut.
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I hate to say it, but probably Curly.
Good for you Sawman.
I instantly picked Curly too.
I know some here will admit to being Moe-like.
He is their leader, and I'm usually a follower.
I sort of feel like Larry, but he gets in trouble for things he doesn't do.
I usually can talk my way out of things.
Curly is wild.

I think he has a good heart, but he screws up so much...
We must not forget Shemp.
Shemp is the intellectual.

Tough choice, all of the stooges were great! but I had voted for Moe
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I am half agony, half hope.
Moe:"Can the chatter or I'll give you new fingers in the eyes."
Curly:"You got new ones?"
Moe(holding up 2 fingers):"What are these?"
Curly:"Those are the old ones!"
Moe:"They'll do."(pokes Curly in the eyes)-Three Stooges

Has to be Curly for me, he is the most foolish, and the most clumsy, and has the lowest IQ, and.....well hell nevermind...but yeah: Curly.
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The stooges are awsome lol
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Moe all the way.
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Definitely Larry. He's very nonconfrontational ... and he seems to have self-esteem issues. That'd be me.

And let's not forget the hair....

Nice thread Sluggo, I picked Curly because he's just goofy enough to fit my bill.

I've always been more of a Marx Brother's kind of guy but there was time when The Three Stooges were on the tube almost every weekend and I got to watch them quite a bit growing up.

Maybe you would be so kind as to expand on who Curly Joe is?
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Thanks Aus, so he actually played Larry in several movies but his nick name was Curly Joe? I didn't know there was two Larry's. That's interesting, thank you.

Edit: That's two Curly's not two Larry's.

No contest
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As good as Curly is, I loved Shemp.
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