Ross Noble- stand up

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Maybe this forum may a tad off for posting about a stand-up comedian but figured talking about him is half-reviewing him.

Anyway, i think the man's a true genius. Not in the traditional sense of most; he's not got well rehearsed and heavily scripted witty or observational humour. Instead, he's a true comic energy. No show is the same, sure there's the odd repeated gag but he literally feeds of the audience. I've never seen a comedian who actively engages audiences members, encourages participation to the extent he does. His shows are, in the most respectful way, all over the places, taking tangents to tell completely random stories. What i love about his humour is that it's never vicious or tries to be politcally incorrect to get that 'shock' factor. When he does forget to be PC in the middle of a joke, he just tells the audience to "shut yer face".

My favourite Northerner. Check him out if you can, his DVDs are epic- i got Randomiser, it's 4 discs from one tour!

Yeah...he seems to spend a lot of time in Australia...I like his comedy a lot!

I saw Chris Rock on Saturday night here in Sydney...true to his name...he face still hurts from laughing so much!

Hey Pyro...have you heard Andrew Dice Clay's "The Day the laughter died"? It's like he just walks out on stage and get's all his material just by interacting with the audience...he is pretty raw but that performance is classic!

PS. RIP Bernie you funny Sommomabitch!

Not heard of that. And yeah, he always seems to tour Australia when he does one. Both my DVDs of him have shows there. You seen him?

Haven't seen him live...but always try to catch the shows he is on when he is here...he seems to love "Spicks and Specks"!

Ross Noble could riff on monkeys for a full day'n'half.

And I'd love it.