I'm looking for the movie name, here's is what I remember:

* a town in England I think
* visitors are being killed
* the cars of the visitors are being pushed in some remote place
* I believe there were also hawks (birds)
* the ending was the best, there was some former rock legend, who was controlling the town, in the end he was standing on the roof of his house or hotel playing rock'n roll music, and then jumping down.
He played this song before he jumped (rock and roll music)
Here I put a link to youtube but since this is my first post I cannot use links.For the song go to youtube and search for The Beatles - Rock and Roll Music , that is the song the guy was playing on the roof.

It is not a recent movie, it could very well be 15 years old, or even older, I really don't know.

If anyone know what movie I mean, please post, even if your not sure. Thanks a lot guys!