Found this on today and it really brought me back. What a great movie, anyway i was inspired to add a quick personal review of the movie on here

Another "The Next Big Thing" Quick Review

Movie Title : Toy Story

Overview: What your toys really get up too when your not around!

What`s rite with it?
TOY STORY is an absolutely wonderful movie for both kids and adults and is the real originator of todays adult friendly animation movies. It stretches your mind creatively and dazzles your senses with a wonderful animated style that not even the most unwilling parent being dragged to the cinema with their child couldn't appreciate. The density in backdrops and venues is something that really brings a smile to the viewers face.

The cast, though fairly "All Star" work fantastically together to form a real killer chemistry without stealing the show as individuals or making it as seen in some other animated movie such as Robin Williams as the gene in Aladdin.

The characters are also developed in a mature way showing emotions such as jealousy that the viewers cant help but relate to in many ways as the story unfolds.

Whats Wrong with it?
from a personal point of view, nothing. I hope to hear back from you guys on this though.

What a great movie. Be sure to have a re-watch if you get the time. Brought back some fond memories for me.

Rating 5/5 Popcorn