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SPOILERS: Sixth Sense


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I thought this movie was masterful! Yet, I was mad at myself at the end that I didn't figure out the surprise. Did anybody figure it out mid-movie? (honestly )

- Ted

PS - Nice forums you have here TWTCommish!

Well, i figured "THE THING" out about 3-5 min. before the movie ended lol. I thought it was such a cool twist.
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Though i thought to my self "now why wouldn't it be obvious to him? He never slept with his wife, or anything like that for the whole time span of when he died till the end of the movie?" explain that to me.
Partially explained by the kid's comment about the ghosts... they believe what they want to believe (or see what they want to see - something to that effect). As far as "never slept with his wife..." you OBVIOUSLY are NOT married. LOL

BTW, you just ruined the movie for those that haven't seen it with your first sentence.


Originally posted by Ted
As far as "never slept with his wife..." you OBVIOUSLY are NOT married. LOL

BTW, you just ruined the movie for those that haven't seen it with your first sentence.

LOL, that's hillarious!

Good point, too...hey Brian: edit that post! Hurry!

I personally was unfortunate enough to have some jerk ruin it for me (no apologies either, he thought it was funny), so it lost a lot of its luster with me...however it definetly made for an interesting turn, even if I knew about it beforehand.

Thanks a lot Ted, I'm glad you like these forums, and I dearly hope you'll return here to post! Checkout the "MovieForums Changes: Take Part!" thread, I'm posting some more info there about the site right after this post.

One last note: I'm thrilled The Sixth Sense got a nomination for Best's about time the truly cool movies got some recognition for such awards, rather than just Golden Globes and MTV Awards.

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I thought the Sixth Sense was a wonderful movie. On the DVD there's a short movie thing that goes thru everything and points out all of the hints about "The Thing". I thought that was really cool.

Also, I thought it was cool it got the nomination, but I would have been happier if it won (Still...I havn't seen American Beauty (that was the winner...right?)). And I thought that Haley Joel Osment (Cole) should have gotten the Best Supporting, 'cause he did a wonderful job for his age, and all ages for that ma

hey, the "mini movie" of how they did the "things" was also on vhs too! it was cool how they showed how they did all the "puzzles"

While I did figure out "the thing" before it was revealed in the movie, I figured it out before I even saw the movie. After you've read so much about there being the big surprise ending and see the trailers, etc. it gets significantly easier to guess at what that surprise might be.

But even though I pretty well knew the twist, I still thought the movie was very entertaining and well-done. Knowing "the thing" didn't ruin it for me in any way.

It ruined it for me to some degree. I had a friend screw it up for me...and worst of all, he thought it was pretty funny when he did so.

Yes, in retrospect, it seems very obvious. I suppose most people just think a certain way, and the film embraces that and encourages that thought. IE: the way its structured must do something to keep your mind on the kid, etc.

I personally think the "I see dead people." line should have been left out of the trailers. You can tell it was *SUPPOSED* to be a shocker when he said that...and it may have been if all we saw in the trailer were a kid, an adult, and a bunch of deal people.

Yeah, having that line in the trailer did ruin it a little for me. Thinking about the movie, it's a good hour into the film before we actually hear the boy's secret. But because we've seen the trailer, we already know the secret so we're already a step ahead of Bruce Willis and the build up to the point where we're supposed to find out the boy's secret, isn't a build-up at all. Seems to me that it would've been better watching the film and discovering the bit about how he sees dead people along with the characters in the film.

But there are lots of trailers that give away too much information these days.

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I know what you mean about movie trailers -- my best friend refuses to watch them usually and won't allow me to describe them to her when a new one comes out.

As for figuring it out ... there were lots of hints, as you guys mentioned, and for much of the movie I was aware of something being wrong about him but not being able to put my finger on it until about the third time he came home and the door to the basement was locked despite every time he'd unlocked it. at that point I was like look, if he were ... ahem ... she wouldn't do that and if it's not him doing it so he must be ... ahem.

and the big give away was his wife's behavior- she was constantly depressed and watching that video and refusing to talk to him yet looking sad about the video, then "making friends" at work ... something she wouldn't do if he were ... ahem.

i don't even know if i'm supposed to bother with watching out for the spoilers, but hey, I tried!

A good movie makes you want to do it again.

Thanks for your cautious nature anyway...I'll change the title of the thread to warn people of the spoiler-ish nature of the posts here.

Quick question: do you manually create your signature each time or do you have some sort of rotating thing there?

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heehee, i'm a geek. i manually create the signature each time. *blushes*

And there it is folks, she does it again!

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dude, I wrote you from my e-mail account with my real name! A girl's name! It's too late for you right now, huh? I know it's 2 am and all, i'm on the east coast right now too, but dang. just teasing

though I do forgive you cause my nickname is rather ambiguous.

I'd like a large Coke shaken, not stirred.

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Miriam is uh, a Hebrew name, varation of Mary ... *gasp* I didn't know that even with my name I could be a guy OR girl on the net ...

Just kidding, I'm not hurt. *narrows eyes* Just watch yourself.

mwahahah ... mwahahahah!

Latin, eh? I really should've known that...makes perfect sense now that I've heard it. Like I said: guys just assume that whoever they're talking to online is also a guy, unless they see or hear something to tell them otherwise - its just our nature.

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The first time I watched it was at a sleepover at 2am and it took me a second to catch on because I forgot that he got shot. M. Night Shyamalan does some fabulous camera work at the famous, "I see dead people" scene. If the camera had shown Bruce Willis, it would totally give it away.
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