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If anyone's list is not added, please let me or one of the other Moderators know... thanks...




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Considering the fact we have numerous other types of lists popping up now, I'm opening this thread for suggestions as to whether or not we want to add additional lists to this thread... and also so members can tell me if I've missed adding anyone's list to the main list... so... suggest away MoFos...

So many lists! where did you find all of these?

and have you made your own? I think everyone should post their own top 100 and compare them

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THe last time I did one of these was about 10 years ago over at

I think I'm going to do a top 100 or 100 films I love, but I don't really know if I can rank them.
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Top 100 Films, clicky below

Miss Vicky's Loyal and Willing Slave
Was going to go back through all the top 100 lists as I enjoyed having a look at them first time round. I noticed however that they hadn't been updated in a long time. So I've gone through and tried to fill in the missing lists. Might have missed some as I didn't actually go through looking for them, just searched for keywords like '100', '50', 'Favouite', 'Top' etc

ash is the gal - ash_is_the_gal's Top 100, 2nd edition

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Dog Star Man - Dog Star Man's Top 100 of Sorts: (Year 2011)

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Saully - Saully's Top 100 Favourite Movies [New and Improved List]

seanc - The 50 by seanc

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Skepsis93 - Skepsis' Top 50

Tyler1 - Tyler1's 50 Favourite Films

teeter_g - Teeter_G's Top 50

TheGirlWhoHadAllTheLuck - TheGirlWhoHadAllTheLuck_'s Revised Top 100

TylerDurden99 - Top 100 Films of Tyler Durden

Worst Lists

donniedarko - DonnieDarkos, Top 50 Worse films

Guaporense - Guaporense's top 50 Worst Movies Ever

hapax_legomena - hapax_legomena's 75 Worst Movies Extravaganza

Genre specific

donniedarko - Top 31 Horror, DonnieDarko

Guaporense - Guaporense's top 50 animations

Re93animator - Re93animator's Top 100 Horror Films

TylerDurden99 - Showdown In Little MoFo: A List Of My Favorite Action Movies!

Miss Vicky's Loyal and Willing Slave
Just wanted to point out that I've updated my post with the lists of - cinemaafficinado, Masterman, TheGirlWhoHadAllTheLuck, Flimmaker1473 and donniedarko

If I've missed anyone else's list let me know

Miss Vicky's Loyal and Willing Slave
Any chance of getting mine on here at all?
Hmmm....I'm going to go with no!

Just teasing, will add you right this second

Miss Vicky's Loyal and Willing Slave
Well I added you to the list I posted along with the lists from DDWH, Gabrielle947, seanc, Guaporense and TylerDurden99's action films list.