He Was a Quiet Man


i just watched this film and i thought i rocked hard!! I like the story a lot and i thought it was kinda dark funny. Anyone else thoughts??
i gave the movie like a 7
Is there someone inside you?
Who is it?
I don't know.
Is it Captain Howdy?

I seen it a few months ago, it's really weird it jerks you around from humor, to horror, disgust, and to curiosity.
It's definately one of the stranger ones!

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Contrary to most, I did not like this movie ... none of the characters were very likable to me. The main guy was crazy and uninteresting, the girl he liked was annoying and bitchy, and their boss was cold.

Just watched this film as I’ve been meaning to see it for a little while now. Largely because it’s been touted as one of the unseen gems of 2007, appeared to be a return to form for Mr Slater and had a seriously appetising trailer…

I kind of agree with all of you; yes it is wired and dark (in a wonderful way) and yes it is annoying and jumps around with cold characters…. But that’s just about ok because work colleagues/environments can be just that, and I think that was its point... the alienation from it all… If anything the protagonist struck me as a sympathetic Michael Doulas from Falling Down…

The biggest disappointment was the twist, saw it a mile off (and I’m perpetually dumb to obvious twists) and it really could have been expanded a little instead of just ending after the initial realisation.

All in all though, viva la Slater, anyone who kills teen princesses, rides a motor bike and quotes Moby Dick will be a life long hero of mine.