What Is The Last DVD You WATCHED?


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Again, I post.

Finished watching P.S. I Love You, then watched Mallrats again and Identity.
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wild wild west with will smith

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yeah just did same with crimewave only renaissance picture i havent watch been looking for it for years finally got hold of it and found out why it difficult to get hold of its pants!

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White noise 2 and Hitman they are both great films.
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C'est arrivé près de chez vous, it's the original belgian title, but I think most people are familiar with the english title 'man bites dog'

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I watched the old school SuperMan ! I loved every minute of it ! Had a few laughs watching it lol.

I watched the old school SuperMan ! I loved every minute of it ! Had a few laughs watching it lol.
If you even want to laugh a bit more, watch superman III.

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I watched See No Evil last night and personally I think it should be called See No Good Acting or See No Good Story or See No Good Directing. It was appallingly bad honustly I thought it was going to be good from the trailers but Jesus it was soo bad ill never be watching it again full stop.

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I KNOW! It could have been a pretty cool story but the lead was sleep walking, the writing failed and the "stripping" sucked.


Meh didnt really enjoy this it was very predictable.

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Tottally agree it was a very disapointing film it was rubbish. They could of made this fantastic but it was Dier. I couldnt watch it again.

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I was watching Evil Dead and started to drift into la-la-land. Still an amazing movie.

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I watched "Eastern Promises" last night I found it very good and I did enjoy it. I found that it was allot better than "A history of Violence" as they are both done by the same director.