What Is The Last DVD You WATCHED?


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Last night I watched There Will Be Blood for the second time.

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Shaun of the Dead. Great movie.

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The last DVD I watched was Alien Vs Predator 2 it was good.
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I just watched "Rush Hour 3" again its a cool film but no where near as good as the first and second. There are some really funny bits in the film but I enjoyed the other films better.

I just watched Transformers (2007) a few hours ago. Fantastic movie.

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That may be a decent comment, even if it's backwards since Rain Man came before the other two.
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I watched Black Xmas and was really happy with at all, it was very predictable and followed the same themes as the other horror/thriller for teens. As its a remake you can see the 80's movie ressembelances.

Its not really worth a watch but if your bored you could use the disk as a frizby or come up with fun new ideas for it.


Fireball XL-5.
With Colonel Steve Zodiaz.
Great stuff.
I love marionettes.

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