Lord of The Rings: At Last!



Alright: who else is looking forward to the Lord of the Rings movies as much as I am?

I'm so excited over the first movie alone that it's ridiculous. The trailer lookers fabulous, and the best news of all is that director Peter Jackson is not only remaining mostly true to the original plot of the books, but that all three movies will be somewhat family-freindly with a PG-13 rating...they'll be squeezing it a little with some Braveheart-esque battle scenes...fabulous wars between orcs, dwarfs, etc...

This will truly be Tolkien's peak...his work come to life: it's going to be utterly amazing...my family and I have already vowed to go basically the very day it opens if possible. This is such a big deal that they're expecting the trailers to start playing in several months: about three-fourths of a year before the film opens! This is going to be *VERY* hyped.

I can't wait!

!!! !!!

I didn't know this is coming out! what's the release date? This movie will be so cool! i have read a couple of the Tolken Books. And they were excellent, i hope the movies are just as good!!

Have you ever read "Redwall" or "Mattimeo" books by Brian Jacques? It's about these little animals who are like living in castles, and pirates and stuff? It's a really cool book, i think it would be great if they would make movie(s) about those books, i would especially like the parts in the movie where they show the food, cause if they showed it to look as good as they described it in the book then oh man, ma mouth would be watering!!!!!


Sorry, havn't read those books.

Wow, you didn't know it was coming out? Checkout http://www.theonering.net for total coverage of everything related to the movie.

The first film is scheduled for a release day of around a year from now...each film a little over a year after that I believe...all 3 in a row.

Ya know what we REALLY need now? Serious Hollywood movies based on "The Chronicles of Narnia!"

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The Hobbit !!!

Peter Jackson + Guillermo del Toro =

- How did he die doc?

-His brain exploded from over exposure to awesomeness. Tragic, just tragic.

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When The Fellowship came out, my Dad made us see it in the cinemas with him four or five times. But I was too young at the time to understand what was going on in the movie. ;]

I seem to remember a lot of walking... there was also a lot of running, and some shouting.
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I'm kind of scared of where Toro will take the movie. Pan's was amazing, but if he goes Hellboy style I'll cry.