There Will Be Blood

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This film is seemingly being ignored on this forum. I'd like to hear what everyone else thinks about this amazing film.

My review from my review thread.

There Will Be Blood (1 viewing)

Plot : A selfish man's thirst for competition and challenge has bad results on the people around him.

Story : The film starts off with Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day Lewis) acquiring various oil locations and getting the work done in the most efficient way possible. He takes his son with him on his dealings and adventures and tries to raise him with all of his wisdom. As you start to learn more about Daniel and his position in life - you become more connected with him up until one point of the film which is extremely emotional and complex. Then Daniel slips away from you and then the film loses a lot of it's emotion.

In most cases of a movie , when I don't care about the characters anymore it becomes a crappy movie - but in this case , it's just a great way of telling this unique story. Ultimately what I see in this movie is Daniel setting up his competition and trying to beat it. He has no other motive or happiness in life aside from beating his competitors and eventually he crafts his best match ever : his own son. Even though the movie tries to throw you off with other characters , in the end it's Daniel who is the hero of this movie.

Visuals : Paul Thomas Anderson always brings great visuals to the screen and this is no exception. It's a lot different from the fast paced fury of Magnolia , but it delivers a ton of emotion and entertains vastly.

Synopsis : Emotions fly high , people are beaten , and altogether it's a movie of the struggles of a highly competitive man.


I absolutely loved this was so easy to love and understand the position that Daniel had in life.

It was beyond the money for him, competition was his life, its all he was the only thing that truely made him feel alive. Manipulation, deals, getting his way, but working hard for it.

When they made him an offer that would make him a set man for life he said something along the lines of "why would I sell it? what would I do then?"

the acting in this movie is some of the best and the ending scene was incredibly intense...i felt a biblical reference or theme in the last scene. I would like to explain more, but dont want to give it away.

I am half agony, half hope.
It's finally opened at a theatre near me, and I'm seeing it this morning with a girlfriend. I can't wait...
If God had wanted me otherwise, He would have created me otherwise.

Johann von Goethe

Cool this movie was #15 for over a 250 movies.,

The final song totally changed my perspective on the movie.
why?! what's with the song?!