Is Signs the sequel to Unbreakable? Does anyone know more about this, like when it's coming out. I head Mel Gibson is going to be in it.

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Mel Gibson IS in it, it is NOT the sequel to Unbreakable.

The story to Signs is that a farmer(Gibson) starts discovering crop circles in his field. If you want to know more than that, I can't help you. That is the basic premise to it though.

Did a little searching. Other cast members for Signs include:
  • Joaquin Phoenix
  • Rory Culkin (Macauley's brother)
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Is Signs the sequel to Unbreakable? Does anyone know more about this, like when it's coming out. I head Mel Gibson is going to be in it.
Ya ever have a "thing" that bugs you? Example: "man, I really hate it when people think Moby Dick was a movie first and a book second." I like you Frogman, but you've just hit my nerve! No, it's not a sequel. It is part of a trilogy to consist of three movies bound together by tone and, perhaps, overall message/moral...but not by characters or central plot points.

There was a trailer for "Signs" in front of the screening if LOTR: FOTR I just returned from...odd, because it wasn't part of the other LOTR: FOTR print I saw. Anyway, as Spud pointed out, it stars Mel Gibson, Joaquin Phoenix, and Rory Caulkin. Gibson is a Pastor/Farmer who discovers crop circles in his fields. I happen to know about a major event that happens somewhat early in the film, too, but I won't spoil it for any of you. Needless to say, Gibson's character searches for meaning, and a somewhat spiritual journey begins.

And no, "The Sixth Sense" is not part of M. Night Shyamalan's trilogy...the first movie was "Unbreakable," and "Signs" is the second. No word on what the third will entail yet.

I've seen the teaser trailer a couple time this week with The Fellowship of the Ring too, though it is purposefully cryptic other than it's a M. Night flick about crop circles starring Mel Gibson & Joaquin Phoenix. The film's official site doesn't have much info yet, though you can download the teaser there.

Rory Culkin was so good in last year's You Can Count On Me. That film's co-star, Mark Ruffalo, was supposed to co-star in Signs, but had to drop out. He was replaced by Phoenix. Two of the other actors listed are Patricia Kalember (Georgia on NBC's "Sisters") and Cherry Jones (recent visible supporting roles in Tim Robbins' Cradle Will Rock and Soderbergh's Erin Brockovich).
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One thing that DOES bound all of M Night's movies together, the location. All of M. Night Shyalmalan's movies take place in Philidelphia.

Well, Signs is obviously set in rural Pennsylvania (Bucks County accordng to the film's site, which is north of the city) and not Philadelphia proper. But yeah, they have all been set in Penn thus far ('all' three).

Yes, but to be entirely specific, the city of Philadelphia is not in Bucks County. Bucks, Montgomery and Delaware Counties surround Philadelphia County, which chiefly holds the municipality.

If the IMDb said a movie was set outside Witchita but you knew more specifically it was much closer to Independence, Kansas, would you go on saying it was set in Witchita?

Originally posted by TWTCommish
...the first movie was "Unbreakable," and "Signs" is the second. No word on what the third will entail yet.
Ah, so it is the sequel. Sheese, calm down Big T. I can see the veins in your neck! Hahaha!

Okay then, is it the next movie in a sequence right after Unbreakable? Lol! Sorry. I'll stop. Yeah, that's what I meant. Thanks for the info everybody.

Signs looks like a pretty interesting movie to me. I've read several places that M. Night Shyamalan wanted Clint Eastwood to play the Mel Gibson character. Is there any truth to that...and if so, why do you suppose Mr. Eastwood turned it down? Does anybody know about that because personally I would have loved to see Mr. Eastwood in a film by M. Night Shyamalan.

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Haven't heard anything about that AKA, but it does sound very interesting. Just think about it though, this is the first movie directed by M. Night, that doesn't have Bruce Willis in it.

Well, not really. He directed "Wide Awake," as well as his first "real" movie, which he wrote, directed, and starred in (I think he's written all the movies he's directed so far), called "Praying with Anger."

AKA - do you remember where you read about M. Night supposedly wanting Eastwood for Signs?

And as you well know, since 1969 with Paint Your Wagon and Where Eagles Dare, Clint has appeared in exactly ONE movie that wasn't attached to his own Malpaso production company: In the Line of Fire (1993). He's in his 70s now and has been an independent filmmaking force in Hollywood for over three decades. Realistically he's only got so many more films left in him, don't you think he's much more likely to spend that time making movies he has developed and things he wants to direct himself? He's such a magnificent director, I sure hope he continues making his own films rather than spending months on somebody else's as an actor for hire.

*BTW AKA, I got your e-card today. Thanks! And a Happy Holidays to you too.

Other productions companies probably wouldn't let Eastwood sing songs like Accentuate the Positive on the soundtrack.

I LOVE the Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil soundtrack. Didn't care for the movie itself much, but the soundtrack is cool.

It opens with the same song that opens the film, k.d. lang's amazingly beautiful rendition of "Skylark". That's worth the price of the disc right there. The CD, like the film, is full of the great music of Johnny Mercer, a Savannah, GA favorite son. The other Mercer songs are either done seriously, by such artists as Joe Williams, Rosemary Clooney, Cassandra Wilson, Alison Kraus, Joshua Redman, Tony Bennett and Diana Krall, or tracks (that didn't appear in the movie, just the CD) that are very fun tounge-in-cheek renditions by the cast (and Clint). Clint sings "Ac-cent-tchu-ate the Positive", Kevin Spacey "That Old Black Magic" and Alison Eastwood "Come Rain or Come Shine".

I don't know if other companies would "let" Eastwood sing, but in this case they'd have been silly not to: it's a fun project. Clearly Clint, Spacey and Alison Eastwood aren't professional singers, but there's a terrific spirit to their renditions.

And of course, Clint has sung before. In his excellent Honkytonk Man he plays a country singer on his way to Nashville. In the Lerner & Lowe Paint Your Wagon all the castmembers sing, including Clint and Lee Marvin. Back in his "Rawhide" days Clint cut about a half dozen Western-style singles to capitalize on the show's popularity (as was the standard back then). He also released singles for Kelly's Heroes ("Burning Bridges"), Bronco Billy ("Barroom Buddies" with Merle Haggard), and Any Which Way You Can ("Beers to You" with Ray Charles).

Clint is an accomplished pianist and composed many bits of the scores for his films the past twenty years. He likely never would have survived professionally as a singer alone, but he may well have had a fruitful career as a Jazz pianist...had the movie star thing not happened. His son Kyle, who co-starred in Honkytonk Man, is in fact a professional Jazz bassist.

I actually thought Clint's version of Accentuate the Positive was pretty good. But it seemed kind of goofy on a soundtrack for that movie (especially considering that he was not even in the movie, though he directed it).

It's an indulgence that many film companies would not have gone for.

Of course it's hardly the first soundtrack to have songs "inspired by" or otherwise linked to the movie appear on the soundtrack. And as I explained, Clint, Spacey, and Alison's songs were very much keeping in the spirit of Savannah and the Mercer songbook. And as I also said, this wasn't even close to Clint's first foray into singing associated with his movies (or TV show). It's not like this was some grand indulgence like say having Spielberg or Oliver Stone or somebody not formerly proven as a singer croon for a soundtrack on some wild, goofy lark. Speaking as an Eastwood fan, the prospect of Clint singing on the soundtrack was one of the things that made me rush out and buy it as soon as it streeted.

In other words, I think being on the Malpaso label had very little if anything to do with Clint singing on the MITGOGAEvil soundtrack. Had he directed the flick for another company but was interested in singing, I'm positive it would have been greeted with the exact same enthusiasm, just for the simple reason that it's a good, fun idea.